Thursday, April 30, 2020

Day 2834: Bravo!

"Beverly": ink brush drawing, watercolor, junk mail collage, postcard.

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Very short story.

Yesterday when I walking I passed the chalk drawing below. 

It registered in my fuzzy brain, and I went home to get my phone.
With no artist nearby to claim it, I could see tiny hands 
having fun exploring on a big willing canvas.

The extra effort put into fitting this heart into the corner. Genius.
This afternoon I got an e-mail with cousin Julia's work.

I can picture her pretty face as she created this joyful guy.
Art for art's sake. When it just has to come out.
The purest art, not for money, likes, clicks, or numbers. 

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Shogun, 16 weeks, young WonderWoman, age 5, Yorba Linda, 1978

A smile for Thursday ...

(from my cousin, Katha)

artist, Esther Mols


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Day 2833: Consecutive days!

"Elenor": ink brush drawing, watercolor & junk mail collage postcard.

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I've been doing this silly blog for 2833 consecutive days
or a little over 7-3/4 years. I guess it is a diary of sorts.
You never know what you'll get because I don't either.

Yesterday WonderWoman flew in with groceries.

 As some of you have mentioned, 
I am blessed indeed.
Thank you WW & SM.

I decided to combine the above with some unique ATC
trading cards that I admired by Rebecca Michaels.  

Rebecca Michaels

Rebecca Michaels
"I had so much fun making them", she says  "It’s the smallest
"It’s the smallest linocut carving I’ve ever done. Each card depicts a hand-printed net market bag, filled with different fruits added in"

Just because ...

Silver laced Polish Chicken

Smiles for Wednesday ...