Saturday, January 30, 2021

Day 3102: Blue skies.



"Grace": collage, graphite drawing, and digital.




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A flat-out gorgeous day in SoCal. It's 60 degrees, blue skies,  a few lost clouds. I am supposed to stay home, Covid etc. But I am allowed to drive around, just not go in anywhere? So here is today.


That's the Pacific in the far distance.


Meanwhile, in Lake Havasu, AZ, WonderWoman and Superman are golfing under equally blue skies. She posted "You know those days when you think to yourself "We are So Blessed".... this was one of those days. I'm golfing with my husband of 25 years, and my BEST FRIEND, Bassel Salloum, in Havasu. We have 3 beautiful healthy boys, LIFE IS GOOD. With all the negative crap going on in this world, this right here is Good. I ❤️ doing life with you Baz.

As a parent, there are few things that I enjoy more, that seeing how much in love these two are, and how they love being with each other.




•  A joyful 24 second video, Costa Rica birds, here.
•  An adorable 2-minute video, Chubber Puppers, here.
•  A touching 6-minute video, Overcomer, here.

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Day 3101: Not in Jail.



"Rita" Work in Progress: acrylic, collage, graphite and digital.



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Last night was not a sleep through night, I read 1/3 of the new book, during three wake times, from 30 minutes to an hours each. I say this more for me, as a diary. So waking today, I was somnambulant. I went 

to the  house on the hill on a rainy day, to stay with the Granddogs until the three Grandhunks got home from work. The house was cold, so I put on the fireplace and we three snuggled on the couch. This served my energy level well.



Update #2

 Thursday night after posting Day 3100, here, I did work on one of the canvases a bit. I debated about showing it, as it is far from good, but it does show the process.

This is what I started with, a quick 10-minute demo piece from a class I taught at Catalyst. It was mainly to show the combination of acrylics and collage on a 12x12" canvas. It didn't have to be successful, just show the technique.






So I added some gesso to give me a part of the canvas to work with.








 I started with graphite to lay in some lines, and not necessarily keep the original shapes. I love graphite!








 And the reason why I love graphite, is when you spritz with water, it deepens the graphite and lets is spread or run. Parts that you don't want to keep can be blotted out. You can see the canvas is wet.






In desperation for the lead art for today's blog, I worked on her in Photoshop, but she is not done. She will have more collage, a new mouth, some facial shaping, and if it works out as I hope, I will share her in the future.

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•  A joyful 30 second video, dogs @ beach, here.
•  A cute 1-1/2 minute video, penguins, here.
•  A touching 8-minute video, umbrella, here.

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