Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Day 3664: A pumpkin boat and tubing.



"Invasion": junk mail collage, digital.

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A Nebraska man paddled 38 miles down the Missouri River on Saturday in a "boat" made from a hollowed out pumpkin to celebrate his 60th birthday and set a Guinness World Record.

Duane Hansen set out from the public boat docks in Bellevue, Nebraska, at about 7:30 a.m. in the 846-pound pumpkin and arrived in Nebraska City just after 6:30 p.m., according to a post on the City of Bellevue's Facebook page. Hansen had asked Bellevue city officials to serve as witnesses for his record-setting attempt.

"They say if you stay in your job long enough you might see just about everything and this morning was one of those days!," a city witness said in the Facebook post.
Mr. Hansen is a long time Nebraska resident who enjoys growing large pumpkins, gourds and other vegetables as a hobby. He came up with this idea when visiting Ohio and seeing another person attempt to set this record which is currently right around 30 miles. Seems like a unique if not slightly crazy 😂way to celebrate his 60th birthday, which was yesterday.

Howdy from Henderson, NV
The foursome got off the ship today and went river tubing in Seven Color Lagoon and shared photos.

To be continued.

A   3-minute video, skating on  ice!here.

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Athletic pigeon


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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Day 3663: Great Dad and news.


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Father and daughter go viral with Harry Styles concert outfit

If there's a "Father of the Year" award, this man deserves to be a contender.  

Watch the heartwarming video (video below) of a dad who dressed up to match his young daughter at a Harry Styles concert.

Nari Rampersad knew he had to dress the part if he was going to go to the Harry Styles concert with his daughter. 

Social media praised his efforts.

Hello, Hello from Henderson, NV.

The Grand-dogs and I have been up since 6:30 am. They are missing their people, but I am okay since I feed and let them in and out. A while ago Laker (11) laid down on the warm concrete which probably felt good on his old bones. I could have joined him but was afraid I might not get up and end up melted.

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"We got up and walked 2 miles all together. We usually track on our apple watches and we soon realized we did 2 miles in about 20 steps. (We we're getting the speed of the ship in the tracking) So we really did 2 miles but tracked 15!"

"At 5:15 we have a private tour of the engine room and stern to meet the captain. Then dinner at 6:45.
Cabaret Show is at 9"

 Anniversary vacation life is very good.

A fun 2-minute video, Great Dadhere.

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Golden-fronted Leafbird

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