Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Day 1588: I forgot that this was to be a step-by-step!

start, acrylic, ink & junk mail collage on canvas, work in progress

Handmade, one of a kind art for your gifting consideration.

We bribe you with easy parking, no lines, refreshments, 
no crowds, smiling faces, a charming atmosphere, 
beautiful artwork, eye candy galore & fun!
How does that sound in contrast to a mall?
We're hoping if your nearby, you'll come join us?

Working today on collages with 2 days to go ...
I forgot that this was to be a step-by-step!
So the first photo is actually step 4,
after acrylics, ink & starting junk mail collage.

step 4

step 5

Hair is done, starting on eyes.
I know the right eye is different, 
but that's how it tore & I went with it.

step 6

Okay the glasses are wonky, and 
they could look better cut out, but I tear.

step 6  close up

Finishing up with a bit more acrylic & collage.

step 7

Not great, but near'nuff?

A smile for Wednesday ...

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Day 1587: I've been workin my tail off, and it needed it!

"Red", acrylic, ink & collage on canvas

3 days to go, and I need more hours in those days!

(click on image to enlarge)

Today was collages, on canvas & otherwise.

Looks like 30 - 35 ... 

 Some from starts I had prepared earlier ...

Some are done, ready to take to the sale.

"Ford". collage & encaustic on wood

"Farmland", junk mail collage, & ink on wood

Some still have more work to go.

They all look uncertain, wondering what I'll do to them?

Me too.

Update: Some asked about my flood control status?
The 5 giant industrial fans are gone after 6 days, 24-7.
The cut out drywall, now dry, is yet to be repaired.
The stuff that didn't get thrown out in the garage flood
is now stacked in the middle of an oh so messy garage.
I am thankful that it wasn't indoors or my fault. ;op
I still can't get my car in the garage & I got a ticket!
But I got it taken care of. 

A smile for Tuesday ...

Monday, November 28, 2016

Day1586: Laundry & rusties, worktime.

"girl 22"  ink, watercolor & junk mail collage

Haven't left the house all day ...
so you are so lucky you can't see me.

(click on image to enlarge)

This sale is 5 days away & of course, I am not ready.
I have run out of procrastinating time.
Today was laundry & "rusties."
On Day#1566 (here) I showed them raw ...
and now I am about half done, so I'll show you ...

adding a washi paper tag ...

 yarn, beads, charms & sari ribbon ...

they are still rusty, but have been wire brushed & dressed up to go.

before & after, egg beater & yolk separator

scissors & tweezers


rusty tooks

At the wedding last Saturday (here) ...
I got to spend time with one of my heroes, Jean.
I told her about the "rusties" I was making.
She said, "do people like that?" 
I said, "I dunno, I just think it's fun?"
Today I have been thinking about that a lot!
So, you better hope people like them, or ...
some of you will be getting rusty Christmas gifts!
And, I do know where most of you live!

A smile for Monday ...

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Day 1585: "They need weird stuff!"

"girl 20, the swimmer", ink, watercolor & junk mail collage

I have 6 days to get my "stuff" together for ...

It's a great little annual sale in Costa Mesa ... come join us?
Featuring accessible parking, easy in & out, refreshments, 
no crowds, one-of-a-kind handmade gifts
& great artists for 2 days, December 2 & 3.

I agree with Ezra, & will do my best to provide some "weird stuff!"
tag for "rusty treasures"
I have a dozen curated journals ...

At the sale, I plan to do individual custom artwork ...
something like this ... what do you think?

girl 20 , with watercolor

"girl 20, the swimmer", with junk mail collage

I'll try to show more "stuff" in the upcoming days ...
Cross your fingers & toes that I can get it all done?

A smile for Sunday ...