Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Day 2987: 595




"595": china marker drawing, junk mail collage and digital.



 "595" is a digital combinaion of these two earlier artworks ...




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Everytime I post something about family, I worry that it is too much?  But it is difficult to find something everyday for 2987 days in a row.
So, with that disclaimer, let me repeat a "Zack" (Grandhunk #3) story. 



About ten years ago, WonderWoman left Jake (Grandhunk#2) at   home alone while she made a quick trip to the grocery. Jake had had a birthday recently, and had a $100 bill. He said he would give Zack $100 if he would let hm shave off an eyebrow. Zack agreed. $100 richer, and it did grow back. Zack will be 20 next week.


 •  An unusual 1-1/2 minute video, Katie Ledecky swims with?, here.

•  An amazing 2-1/2 minute video, Ashli Blain, here.

•   A stunning 1-minute video, Bowers/Miao, here.

 Just because ...

Blue-earred pheasant

Smiles for Wednesday ...




Venice Beach, CA 



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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Day 2986: It is important to have heroes ...




"Two Guys": old photo, collage and digital.


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        Sumo is finished yesterday, ShoDai is Champion 
and winner of the Emperors Cup at Japan's Autumn Basho.
And, now I will wait for the November Basho.

Naomi Osaka Will Skip French Open, Citing Injury and Timing.

Fresh off her stirring run to the U.S. Open title last week, Osaka has announced that because of a lingering hamstring injury she will not play the French Open, which is set to begin in Paris on Sept. 27.

“My hamstring is still sore so I won’t have enough time to prepare for the clay — these 2 tournaments came too close to each other for me this time,” Ms. Osaka, 22, wrote in a message posted on Twitter late Thursday night. “I wish the organizers and players all the best.”


But there is always Rafael Nadal to cheer for at the French Open.
It is important to have heroes to look forward to following.

    •  A relaxing 4-1/2 minute video, Autumn Sweater, here.
      •  A 46 minute interview video, Artist, Holly Roberts, here
        •  A touching 2 minute video, delivery man tip, here.                                     

Just because ..
Spotted Pardolte


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Monday, September 28, 2020

Day 2985: Late Sunday Morning.




"Hanami Ao": photo, collage and digital.



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          Update:  Late Sunday Morning, Ann and I went to ...

We went by every booth and down every row.
We didn't buy anything. In fact I have a lot of those
items at home that need to be purged.
With a visor, sunglasses and a mask, I was so
warm I fogged up my glasses. The event had a good turnout.
People seemed glad to be out and wear a mask.
Next, we for lunch at ...

Ann had a delicious-looking turkey club stacked with avocado, bacon and more. I should have taken pictures, but that wasn't on my radar till we left. I had fish tacos. Ann only ate half of her sandwich so she has purple raindrops ... donut centers filled with chocolate and a raspberry
topping.  Ann ate a couple amd took the rest home with her 1/2 club 
for a great supper. Pictures next time.

Who knew?

Who knew?
A tree's natural process of photosynthesis imparts chlorophyll to the leaves, giving them a green appearance. The wardrobe change happens when trees shut down that process and another color takes over. What color that is depends on a few different factors, including how much sunlight they get and what kind of temperature cycles they go through. Trees with a lot of direct sunlight will produce red leaves, while other trees may turn yellow, orange or brown, depending on what chemical compounds are found under the green chlorophyll layer.
And, I thought you might enjo, as I did, the amazing work of  Kirie?
“Aquarium of Leaves”
A 34-year old artist who goes by the name Lito has been living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) his entire life. Lito had been searching for an outlet where he could channel his above-normal levels of concentration and obsessiveness when he discovered the Japanese art of kirie literally ‘cut picture’. Earlier this year in January he began experimenting, not with paper, but with leaves.
“My Father’s Dragon”

According to a recent interview, leaves turned out to be an ideal medium for Lito as their decomposing nature forced him to work quickly. Over time he got faster and his daily creations, which he began posting to social media, became more intricate.

Following the standard kirie practice, each piece is always cut from a single leaf. But Lito always leaves traces of the leaf’s midrib, perhaps a sign of respect towards the leaf. Lito also always manages to imbue his creations with a playful narrative, one that is either inspired by film or books, or plucked from the artist’s own imagination.

“Swimmy by Leo Lionni”

“Autumn Harvest Festival”

“Night sky, moon and bicycle” (a tribute to E.T.)

“Forest Librarian”

"Ghost Parade”

“Even graffiti is a fine art – As drawing time begins, the colorful crayons start to move in unison. What a wonderful world is being created today.”

“Lunch is coming soon.” (a tribute to Peter Rabbit)
You can keep up with Lito’s work on Instagram and Twitter.

 Feel good story ...


What's wrong with this picture?

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