Sunday, June 30, 2019

Day 2530: From the house in the hill.

Scenic: old photo & digital

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I am back at the house on the hill for a week while ...

WonderWoman, Superman & Grandhunks 
are renting a house on the beach at Newport.
They have always gone somewhere as a family for the 4th.
Now, all three Granhunks are still working, 
but when they are off, will enjoy the beach together.
The Granddogs & I will "hold down the fort", as my Dad said.
Early afternoon was quiet, our nap time.

Laker, age 8

Zoey, age 1

Even though Zoey is on medication for an infection,
she still had energy to play. And play.

Meanwhile Laker looked like this ...

and Zoey looked like this ...

Good roommates, indeed.


There was haze, fog, smog or something along with the sunshine today and I wasn't sure what the sunset would be like?

7:30 pm

8:00 pm

8:05 pm

8:10 pm

8:15 pm

8:20 pm

8:30 pm

While I was shooting the sunsets over our fence, 
I heard a strange dog bark. I was focused on the sunset. 
But one of the trips I looked down to see the dog, 
and a party group all looking at me as I shot the sky.
I waved, embarrassed and hurried back inside.

A smile for Sunday ...

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Day 2529: A huge loss.

News of the day: collages & digital

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A long distance friend, lost her best friend this week.
The cat had a long life by cat standards, but we are never ready.
It turned out that she had to make the decision. So hard.
I struggled with words, as I have been through this
too any times, but I knew this wasn't about me.
I settled on "how can I help?"
I did mention that I thought she might be aware of 
his presence, or hear a familiar sound and that I believe
when there is a close bond, they stay around for while as
we get our bearings?  Even though she initially thought she
would be without a pet, she wisely has decided on a  kitten, 
in the future, when she is ready.

TMI but it's on my mind.

We got Shogun, he was 12 weeks and the young WW was 4.
They grew up together and looked after each other.

Shogun @ 1 year

Shogun was my best friend.
He's been gone 35 years and I still tear up remembering. 
After he was gone, sometimes I would hear his chain 
collar rattle as it did when he shook his head. 
He slept next to my bed, and for a long time, 
 I would take that familiar big step over, when I got up.
A huge loss.

A smile for Saturday ...

Friday, June 28, 2019

Day 2528: ... made my day, week, month!

Line guy #4 series: white marker on black 4x6 postcard, digital fill.

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Wow! How to start a day! Great mail!
Thanks to Brian Kasstle, Long Beach artist & friend, 
look what I got in the mail today!

We are members of Muse Mail, a private group of 12, 
who send to each other, so, once a month we get a great surprise.
Thank you so much dear Brian, your beautiful, exquisite work made my day, week, month! Thank you again!

My current fascination is white marker line people on black.
My first attempts were on blog day #2521 here.

Line girls: marker drawing outlines.

I drew some more. My dilemma was I liked white on black, as is.

line girl #5
line girl #2

line guy #1
line girl #3

I wanted to collage just the clothes, but I didn't want to sacrifice 
the originals. Instead, for now, I filled in the clothes digitally.

A work in progress?
Thanks for any feedback you can give me? 

Happy Friday!

A smile for Friday ...