Thursday, June 30, 2022

Day 3602: All in a Day.



"Battle": junk mail collage & acrylic.



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Update ...


Still in Nevada, Henderson to be exact. I woke up this morning with the feeling of being in a fine hotel. Always unusual to wake up in a new bed, new place. Superman and WonderWoman have only been in their new home three days, yet they have made amazing progress. There are still boxes to unload, but they already have fully functioning (4) bedrooms, a kitchen, family room and office.

This morning, Wednesday, I went with WW to Sprouts to stock up her near empty frig. When we returned GH#1 was up and ready, SM was busy working in his office. We three went to ...

It was GH#1 & my first time at the famous chain. 
And, it was just as good as we had been told.
Mine had this only left this before I remembered!
        WonderWoman had the Chicken Burger.WW brought home Steak Shack burger for SM.

On the way to our parked car, we almost passed Puck's! They make delicious cookies in the shape of hockey pucks and had free samples!

Hard to leave without a box of 6 ...

(All that is left at this writing)
Now down to 2-3/4. Pictured at (Left) Orange Puck with Creamsicle Icing (Middle) Peanut-butter Puck w/ Chocolate Icing, and (Right) Cookies and Cream. The Sugar Puck with Confetti Icing was delicious and is long gone. So good, but it's a wonder we are not all in insulin shock!

Then we went to Orange Nails for a pedicure.

A family affair.
At 5 pm we left for downtown Las Vegas and ...

Described as
a sprawling entertainment venue with a high-tech driving range & swanky lounge with drinks & games.



We are home now, the young and the restless are watching "Fast and Furious", I am finishing this silly blog. It does seem like they fit much more in a day?

Throwback Thursday ...


Old honbu dojo, 1986:  Mr. Ivan, Sato Sensei, Demura sensei, Nishimura Sensei.
Dwight Lomayesva, Doug Ivan, Jim Koch, Taro Miyazawa, Kristie Koch Adamson, Nanette Taylor,  Jeh Hildebrand, David Walker, Kevin Suzuki, Hernan Ricaurte, Greg Suzuki, Norm Besterling, Greg Collier and more.

A cool 2-1/2 minute video, Synesthesiahere.

Just because ...
Banded Pitta


Smiles for Thursday ...




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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Day 3601: Hi from Nevada!


"Hope, Still": photo, digital collage.


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2GN2S ...

Magnificent ancient mosaic found near Tel Aviv returns home

An exceptionally well-preserved Roman floor mosaic, showing a rich variety of fish, animals, birds and ships, has returned to the site where it was first found in a Tel Aviv suburb after a decade-long tour of some of the world's top museums.
The 1,700 year-old mosaic, from the late Roman period, was discovered in 1996 during highway construction work, but was not put on display until 2009, when funding to preserve it was donated.
The colorful mosaic, 55 feet long (17 meters) and about 29 feet wide (9 meters) may have served as the foyer floor of a mansion in a wealthy neighborhood of Lod, near what is now Tel Aviv, the Israel Antiquities Authority said in a statement.

"The owner was probably a very rich merchant because he traveled throughout the world and he saw things, like all the ships and the fish on display in the mosaic," said archaeologist Hagit Torge from the Israel Antiquities Authority.
The design of the mosaic was influenced by North African mosaics and lacks any depiction of people, suggesting it may have belonged to a Christian or a Jew who wanted to avoid pagan attributes such as depiction of Roman gods, said archaeologist Amir Gorzalczany from the Israel Antiquities Authority.
The mosaic will now be exhibited at an archaeological center, where it was found, in Lod.



Update ...

Tuesday noon, Grandhunk #1 and I left for Nevada in his truck.

Leaving San Bernadino with traffic.

On the way, Highway 15

A  glorious cloud display over the desert landscape.

We arrived at Superman & WonderWoman's new house about 5:30PM. ETA was originally 4:30, but we made a detour, stopping at Eddie's World, that GH#1 assured me was a tradition.


A large air-conditioned oasis in the desert and 110' heat, that has every kind of snack, candy, food, refreshment and souvenirs. No one comes out empty handed. We came out with carmel corn, chocolate toffee and butter toffee cashews! We had to honor tradition!

SM and WW took us to P.F.Chang's ...


Superman was hungry and ordered for all four of us with wonderful choices.

Pork gyoza, edaname

Shrimp dumplings

Lettuce wraps

Lo Mein

Korean beef


Spicy chicken

Brown rice

Kung Poa chicken
Fortune cookies   

So thankful to be together.

Thank you GH#1 aka Jordan for driving.



A 2-minute video, petting sharks?here.

Just because ...
Zebra Finches


Smiles for Wednesday ...





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