Thursday, March 31, 2022

Day 3511: Hope.


"Hope" ; photo, junk mail collage, digital.


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Update ...

Today was my six month check up with my surgeon, checking on both my right (September 23, 2021) and left (April5,2022) Bilateral Total Shoulder Anthroplasties. Both shoulders got three z-rays today in different positions. Both got a good report.

Dr. Sodl has helped me since 2014. Originally with cortisone injections which enabled me to continue training. He explained that both shoulders were in bad shape, bone on bone from arthritis and over use., and that surgery was imminent. He warned me then that eventually the shots would not help. But the shots did work for six months plus to begin with and gradually less time.

 By the end of 2018, it was the end of cortisone help, so surgery was inevitable. But Covid surfaced and elective surgeries were stopped. I could no longer train due to shoulder pain. So, I was a grouchy, unhappy camper. When Covid eased up enough to allow scheduling surgeries, in 2021, I got in line.

Today I thanked Dr. Sodl. I brought him a little thank you card and a gift card, which he didn't open. I thanked him for getting me back to what I have loved to do for 50 years, now at age 80. He said he didn't do it for this (gesturing to the card) but for you (me). Dr. Sodl is a real hero.


Throwback Thursday ...

A special gift, 1982, and Cassie Latimer


A great 15-minute video, Charles & Ray Eameshere.

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Red-bellied Pitta


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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Day 3510: Resolve.


"Resolve": photo, junk mail collage & digital.


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2GN2S ...

Vintage Illustrations of Vegetables by Graphic Designer Tadashi Ohashi


I just saw this book, and loving illustration, I have been flipping through the pages. Published by Bijutsu Shuppan-sha in Tokyo in 1991, the book compiles illustrations of vegetables created by graphic designer Tadashi Ohashi (1916 – 1998). Despite Ohashi’s realism, there is a nostalgic feel in the colors and compositions of each vegetable. To me, reminiscent of seed packets?


Simply titled Vegetables, the book compiles the illustrations that Ohara created for Kikkoman, where he spent a large majority of his career. This context makes the illustrations all the more interesting. Rather than place Kikkoman’s main product, soy sauce, front and center, Ohara chose to focus on foods that could be paired with soy sauce.




Unfortunately the book is out of print but occasionally used copies surface.


Update ...

I do think it's so important to be close to family, and especially when we are older. I have been lucky in that I have never lived more than 12 miles from WonderWoman in her whole life. But good things change, she and Superman will be moving to Nevada, and the Grandhunks have already moved out, into their rental in Costa Mesa. They will be close, and I have friends and students. Later, I am guessing in five years I will move closer to WW. But for now I have returned to karate and have everything here. Plus Erin, reminds me she will be only a 1/2 hour flight or 3 hour drive away. I am enjoying how excited they are about their move. Their house on the hill is sold, they have 2 months free rent back so she can pack. I haven't written about this, as it makes it more final, but now that I have, I may address it in future blogs?


A cute 2-1/2-minute video, DJ Sumi Rockhere.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Day 3509: Bravery



"Bravery" ; photos, collage & digital.


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 2GN2S ...

Another treat from Elenor in Austia. She always send her beautiful photography on a day when my blog needs help.

Elenor says, "I want to send you some pics and some information about Schloss Wuerting. Schloss means castle. I made the photos myself only the first 2 old  free images are from Wikipedia."

Schloss Würting , 17th century

Schloss Würting


Schloss Würting is a moated castled dating back to the beginning 9th century. It was enlarged several times. It was one of the most gorgeous castles in this region. After WW1 the owner turned it into a centre of art, science and cultivated life with the most elegant and famous men and women. This cultural highlight ended in 1939 and since then the castle is deteriorating and now it’s nearly falling apart. Nothing left of all the glamour  elegant, beauty. A real tragedy for Austria.

Schloss Würting , 1020 postcard

Schloss Würting 2021

Schloss Würting entrance,

Schloss Würting from behind

Entrance to the garden


some details I love

some details I love

First signs of Austrian spring...

"Here you can see what early spring looks like in Austria. I think all the young flowers make me feel young and happy."





 Thank you, dear Elenor!


A  fun 1+ minute video, Jazz froghere.

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Pink-necked Green Pigeon, male


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