Saturday, October 31, 2020

Day 3018: A belated birthday, again.




"Gert Burns": old photo, digital collage.


 Valerie gave me an old photos today, I played with Gert this evening.



 What was unusual, was that it had her name, Gert Burns.

I will probably revisit Gert, and try something different.


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A belated birthday, again.

 These birthdays keep galloping past me, more often.
Good friend, and artist Valerie had a birthday and we celebrated    today with fish tacos! What, you don't like tacos? 

I made a birthday card for Valerie, and caught some of the steps.



A pencil sketch of Val in her studio, she is an artist.



She specializes in journals, book-making and collage.


I used various papers for collage, then


outlined it with a marker. It is wonky, but she liked it.


•  An appropriate 1-1/2 minute video, dance, here.
•  A 1-minute video, talking parrot, here.
•  A very cute 4-minute video, babies& animals, here.


Just because ...

Blue Bellied Roller


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Happy Halloween Y'all!

Friday, October 30, 2020

Day 3017: I've driven by it a hundred times, but what is it?



"New rides": digital collage.



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 I've driven by it a hundred times, but what is it?

The Flight at Tustin Legacy is a creative office campus located in Southern California’s Orange County. The first phase includes nine independent buildings totaling 390,000 sq. ft. It includes a combination of single-level office buildings, amenity and food service buildings and four-story office buildings that connect to the site through the use of various outdoor amenities, balconies and large operable doors.

After seeing this ad, I decided that a field trip was in order. I could see this new complex and get pizza, win-win! I texted Ann and told when I was leaving and asked if she wanted to go too? She did and we left at 11,  a short trip. I took lots of photos.

We only visited the Mess Hall. Eight different food offerings, a beautiful indoor and outdoor facility, definitely worth a visit, we thought.


•  A storytime video, Long Beach Library, here.
•  A 2-1/2minute video, candy corn, here.
•  An especially wonderful 6-minute video, don't miss it, here

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