Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 189: Back to the files ...

On Day 189 of this random collection of days,
I am paying bills, collecting tax info ...
definitely not blog worthy.

So it's back to my photo files ...

searching to find something ...

that might be worth ...

a few minutes of your time?

Not your everyday fare?

Taken in San Diego's ...

in a lesser visited area.

But just as beautiful, don't you think?

Definitely better than tax forms, right?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 188: I got mail!

Do you like getting real mail? I do.
I am always surprised and thrilled to get a human mail.
Today, like most days, I wasn't sure what to blog.
But then, by mail,  I got this ...

Imagine opening an envelope to this ...

A work of art!

From Emi.

A handmade 
thank you
of such 
and grace, 
I had 
to take
to share.
I knew
I would
not be 

As I 
opened it,
I realized 
there was
a kimono 
a fan
within the 
folds and

On one side of the fan
was Arigato and Thank You
in different languages.

Mizuhiki cord and back view of kimono.

Folded inside, a handwritten message.
I am blessed with such kind friends.
I need to get busy and write a thank you ...
for the thank you!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 187: So not me ...


kind of balancing act between ...

two yukky (technical term) medical appointments

and a business meeting...

This is so not me, but a better visual, right?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 186: Sky watching/Costco waiting.

 I got in line for gas.
I save about 22 cents a gallon at Costco
But I was 13th in my line, so a wait.

So I shot out of my driver's side window ...

and through the passenger window.

Again, from driver's window ...
note the clouds moving in from right.

and through the front windshield, towards the beach.

Two minutes later ... clouds rolling in.

Again, all while waiting in line ...

it's good to have your camera ...

for a fifteen minute sequence.

This one was before leaving, after pumping gas.
What do you do while you wait?

And, the answer to yesterdays challenge ...

Did you get it? Did you care? Okay.

Day 185: What's in a letter?

I ran an errand on my way to the referee clinic today.
And on a store window I discovered ...

Isn't it gorgeous?

Even if you don't see the beauty ...

stayed tuned ...

there's a challenge!

Now, aren't you curious?

These letters make up one word.

Of course I am giving them to you ...

out of their correct order.

I am like that.

A clue?
Letters were more worn toward the end.

Just like real life.

Answer tomorrow.
Just like real life.