Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 159: I believe in angels. So there!

I  recently scanned old photos of one of my angels.
I believe in angels. So there!
One angel is Aunt Bea.

My Dad's cousin, Bea, was beautiful.
She worked for the telephone company, and
always looked like she stepped out a magazine.

Bea and my Mom

A friend, Donna, with Aunt Bea

Aunt Bea was always tan, I remember her sunbathing.

Aunt Bea and Uncle Bert

Aunt Bea and me, age 2

I think
Aunt Bea 
Uncle Bert were the "Barbie 
and Ken" 
of their day.
The perfect
couple and 
I loved 
Aunt Heddy, Aunt Bea's Mother and Bea in the Pacific
Indiana people coming to California, really enjoyed the beach.

L to R: Uncertain?,  Della Martin,  Aunt Vinda,  Aunt Heddy,  Aunt Tillie,  front: Aunt Bea & Mom

I remember lots of Indiana family and friends visiting.
Maybe in the winter, for some sunshine.

Bea and Bert's first Big Bear cottage in 1965.

My life is blessed in so many ways, and a big
part of it is because of Aunt Bea and Uncle Bert.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 158: ... in a timely manner?

It's time!

I must get the decorations down.
I want all signs gone before 2013!

except the plants, of course, they're family.

I'm talking wrapping paper, cards,
name-tags, window lights etc.

But then Grandson # 3 says lets go hit golf balls.
Christmas clean-up?  Time with Zack?  Easy choice.

Zack in center, Cal State Fullerton golf tem star at left

Local driving range is busy with men of all ages.

CSF golf team star

Zack (12) "likes to hit things", and has power to spare.
 He hit the "cowboy"!
Bucket of balls, $5.
1/2 bucket from the CSF star, bonus!

It was really cold.
We had rain approaching.

So by the time we got home ...

The aftermath of a lot of afternoon rain was ...

and ...

and on Saddleback Mountain ... snow!

See, I told you it was cold!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 157: A rainy day in sunny California ...

I am a rain lover.
To wake up to rain ensures a great day in my mind.
But today the steady falling raindrops seem like tears.

Kobe's ashes came home today, and his paw print.

Kobe's family is heartbroken. Laker is lost.
This pup relied on Kobe for every move.

We miss you Kobe.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 156: Carole and pears ...

I hope you have a friend like Carole.
We were both second Mom's to each others kids.
Our kids grew up together.

                 Our kids are grown now and have their own kids.
Carole stopped by yesterday for a quick drop-off.

Carole brought me beautiful pears!

Royal Riviera Pears from Oregon.

And so good ....

2-1/2 hours later, I finally let
Carole go to her next stop. 
Even though we don't 
get together often ... 
when we do 
it's as if we pick up 
right where we left off.  
Now that's a real friendship!

You know I journal, right?
Carole gave me a card, 
and when I tore it open, 
the paper tore into a heart. 
I put ♥ on my journal page, 
and wrote about our 
special bond. And then, 
I added across the heart ...
"unconditional friendship".

I hope you have a friend like Carole.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 155: The power of suddenly ...

 If at my front door,  you would see ...

Looking from my front door you would see ...

on my steps, and beyond that ...

MORE! And all of this, suddenly, overnight!

All from this one beautiful tree outside my door.

This reminds me of my daughter. 
A normal teenager when she lived with me. 
But somehow during her seventeen year marriage, 
she has morphed into Martha Stewart!

Suddenly, the Christmas tree on Day 154 of this blog ...

(with help from a 6'3" elf) is down.
All traces of Christmas decoration are gone. 
Packed away till next Thanksgiving.

The ability to make things happen, quickly?
And, ahead of a deadline?
What a concept!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 154: Christmas morning ...

They say Christmas is for the kids.
And I agree. But it's pretty good for us too.

The grandsons are teenagers, so the tempo has changed.
Still great, but more relaxed. 

I may be in trouble for this photo, but ...
#1 Grandson, Jordan (15) is so fun, I had to.

#2 Grandson, Jake (13) with cousin, Logan.
All three grandsons are terrific with the kids.

#3 Grandson, Zack (12) our family comedian.

And, cousin Maddy, just the cutest elf ever!

Including son-in law, Bassel, also a kid.

A very blessed Christmas morning.
Thank you Lord for gifts beyond measure.