Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Day 3235: All in a day.


"Statement": junk mail collage.

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 I am sitting in my studio, no tv, music, windows open, but listening to birds having their afternoon chatter. I am not a birder, though I'd be proud to be, but, I think it involves some knowledge? I do love all of nature. It's near sunset now, so there is a golden glow on the trees.

Back to the birds, I am hearing five different ones, I think. I am fascinated with the one that has a continuous syncopated, ongoing beat, like a background for the others. There is one that is a performance with a sweet, short melody, and another that adds staccato bursts. The others seem to differ, or maybe different birds. You can tell I don't know what I am talking about, right? Well, what else is new?

The painters are gone and after three days, I am loving having open windows. They power-washed, then masked all the windows and doors, before spray-painting. They certainly have a system worked out, and use their time well.

My yard is a mess. It looks like abandoned plants in need of a home. Stacked art sculptures and rusty tools, a misplaced, droopy umbrella, silent wind-chimes. Did you know wind-chimes are supposed to keep away evil spirits? I have so many, I am taking care of the whole neighborhood!

The painter took all of the tape and masking paper with them, except this. Can you see it? I think it looks like a necklace for my window? It is out of my reach, so I'll hope for a Grandhunk.




•  A great 4-3/4-minute video, magic pothole, here.

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Adise Flycatcher



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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Day 3234: Aunt Florence, Grandpa and Grandma.


"Aunt Florence, Grandpa and Grandma": old photo, collage & digital.



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I love this old photograpgh. It show's Dorothy's Aunt Florence with her Grandfather and Grandmother. Dorothy is a Washington artist, wise woman and friend. She has allowed me to work with her photos. You have seen Dorothy's handsome grandfather in a recent post.

I am particularly fascinated by Dorothy's grandmother, her stature ane strngth. She had six children, designed hats and was an artist. Her photo will take more time so I did the one above tonight.

More to come.



•  An 8-minute video, relaxing art? here.

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Chatfish male


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Monday, June 28, 2021

Day 3233: Foot massage?



"Beverly": photo, acrylic, collage & digital.



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One of the advantages of doing a daily blog is 
the friends made in the process, whether it be Elenor in Austria, Rad Nana in Colorado, or Terry in Albuquerque, it's fun to know people you would have never known. Just recently, I received a package in the mail. It was from Rad Nana and it was a book that I read half-through yesterday ...

and I will finish it this afternoon.  It is that funny, clever and good. The author's first book, but I look forward to more.


 Thank you Rad Nana!





No, this is not a hunting photo.....Briton Alex Larenty lives on a game reserve in South Africa and spends his days giving lions foot massages. One day, he discovered that every time a lion was applied a cream to cure an infection on its paws, the lion would slacken and appear to smile. Since then, he has massaged all the lions in the park on a daily basis. Thanks to the pampering, he created a bond such that just by seeing him arrive, the lions lie down, begin to stretch their legs and smile. With love and respect, all relationships are possible! 💗




•  A cute 1-minute video, baby wolf, here.

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Red-crested Cardinal



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