Friday, April 30, 2021

Day 3174: A bento lunch.


"baseball fan": ink brush drawing, watercolor & collage.



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It is absolutely essential you direct all of your attention and love for a moment to Clarence, the first Official Police Comfort dog in the US. The fluffy, 160-pound St. Bernard roamed the halls of Congress this week, providing support and lighthearted moments for legislators, staff and other Hill denizens who have seen plenty of heartache in the last few months. Clarence and his handler, Lt. William Gordon, have been on hand in the aftermath of some of the country's worst tragedies, include Sandy Hook, the Las Vegas shootings, and the Boston Marathon bombing. Clarence's latest assignment on the Hill shows there is at least one thing we can agree on in these divided times: There's nothing quite like the comfort and love of a very good dog. 




 Another special day on Wednesday.

Kevin drove 55 miles from Redlands, CA to go to lunch. I have known Kevin since he was 6 years old, and couldn't love him more if he was my own son. He is so thoughtful and kind.

I hunted up an old photo, Kevin is third from left, front row.
We went to Habuya for an Okinawan lunch.

A tiny place with lots of visual decorations.

                            We both ordered a bento lunch.

On the way home Kevin stopped at the grocery for me and helped me get it inside. The three hours flew by. One of the good things about aging, you really appreciate the special people in your life. Kevin is one in mine!



•  A fun 1-1/2 minute video, Penzi party, here.

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Black-throated Tit


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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Day 3173: Visual yummy.


"Aging collage artist": junk mail, marker, digital.


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Let me introduce you to Sokugarden!  

A lush garden and apothecary where wonderful gifts, products from a fun, talented, colorful family.

Noelle, Nova and Courtney. Wanted to pop on and tell you all that #sokuacademy CSA (crop sharing) is now available. This week we have Chard, baby lettuces, arugula and fresh herbs and edible flowers available. Dm if interested and we can pick a custom basket for your tastes. Have you ever had a peanut butter chard and banana roll?

Brandon & Courtney #sokugarden #sokufamily

Homegrown fruits, vegetables, herbs, chickens, bees, their amazing by-products.

If you’re interested in picking up fresh veggies from our homestead we will gather your favorites. A neighbor buys 2 dozen eggs and greens for fresh juicing and incomparable freshness

Borage seeds $2 shipped #sokuseedmail #sokuflower

#sokuapothecary Vanilla Oak with homegrown organic #moringapowder and #sokuhoney now in stock. $5 for large bars $3 for rounds. Shipping available

#tobaccoandbayleaf #homemadesoap Infused with #calendulaoil and #calendulablossoms now in stock in #sokuapothecary $5 large bar $3 small bar - Shipping available.

Black Amber Moringa soap in stock #sokuapothecary $5 large bar, $3 small bar.

Lavender goats milk soap #sokuapothecary $5 large bar 3$ small bar.    


A fresh batch of pink honey soap is available in #sokuapothecary 5$ large bar 3$ small bar. Shipping available #homemadesoap 

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#Blaushokker Purple pees #sokuseedmail $2 shipped. DM to order


Arugula seeds $2 shipped. DM to order #sokuseedmail

Bottling up a bunch of #organiccalendulaoil on this rainy day. 1 oz bottles available for $10 ea. #calendulaflowers from #sokugarden have been Infused in organic jojoba oil for 12 weeks. This oil is the holy grail to ailing skin. Calendula salve is also available for $10 for a 2 oz tin.


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Soy candles back in stock in #sokuapothecary this week. These 9oz beauties come in the following scents Black amber, Lavender, Pure Honey, Shave and a Haircut, and Tobacco and Bay Leaf. $8 ea


If you’re local and want to be added to our spare dozens list let me know. We sell our organic free range eggs for $7 a dozen. #sokuchickens #sokugarden #spoiledchickens

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#sokubeeswax now available in #sokuapothecary 🐝 🐝 🐝 it’s organic, from untreated urban hives. Have you ever tried to make your own lip balms, salves, lotions, furniture polishes ? This is a key ingredient. $2 for a round / $1 for mini honeycomb.

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Homegrown organic loofahs $8 small $ 10 large #sokuapothecary

Our CBD soaps, lip balms, bath salts and salves are made with homegrown organic cannabis. Dm for details. #sokuapothecary

Armored starfish in #sokuapothecary $2 ea - 10 available


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#pinksupermoon charged this batch of #cannabisinfusedcoconutoil A fresh batch of #cannabissalve is available now! 2oz tins 25 ea. Shipping available to applicable states only. Homegrown cannabis - and this batch is full spectrum - containing both decarboxylated and raw cannabis for optimum healing effects.

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Fun? Great gifts!

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•  A fun 1minute video, hypnotize a chicken,  here.

Throwback Thursday
Demura Sensei's OCC Tournament, 1985, John Yamasaki
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