Monday, October 31, 2022

Day 3725: Climber and Bison.


"Anguish": photos, digital collage

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8-year-old sets out to become youngest to climb towering El Capitan

If your parents name you “Adventure,” they probably hoped you’d do some adventurous things. Sam Adventure Baker understood his assignment. The Colorado 8-year-old sets out Tuesday to become the youngest person to reach the summit of El Capitan in California’s Yosemite National Park

The journey is expected to take four days “of hanging from your fingers or hanging from your anchors,” Sam’s dad Joe Baker told CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield on Sunday. They’ll camp one night on the top of El Capitan and hike down eight miles on the fifth day. 

Sam Baker was in a climbing harness "before he could walk" his dad said.

Sam and Joe Baker will climb in a four-person team. One person climbs ahead of the others and sets the ropes for the others to follow. His dad said Sam will lead one of the sections, or “pitches,” of the climb.  

Sam has been training to take on El Capitan “every day for the last at least 18 months,” his father said. In addition to physical training, planning how much gear – including 200 pounds of water – to take for the dayslong hike is among the challenges. “You can’t just turn on water, you have to carry it with you.”

Video is below.



 A 2+minute video, 8yr.old climber, here.
Baby bison makes history ...
This big-eyed, bushy-tailed baby is the very first bison calf born in the wild in the UK in thousands of years. Oh, and its very existence can help defend one of the UK’s most iconic counties from climate change. All that in such a teensy, fuzzy package. Its mother was one of three female bison released into the county of Kent, but rangers didn’t know at the time that she was pregnant – until, surprise, the baby bison plopped into their lives just over a month ago. The bison reintroduction is part of an effort to restore their natural populations, which haven't existed in the wild for millennia, but also so they’ll engage in behaviors like tree-felling, which helps reduce the flood risk in local forests. One day, this knobby-kneed sweetheart with enviable eyelashes will grow up to be a hulking bison with a hump and horns. But for now, it’s enjoying its life in the English countryside, unaware of just how monumental its arrival is. And who knows, this little miracle might one day see a sibling: The three ladies and their baby will soon be joined by a male bison from Germany. 
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Great-cxrested Grebe

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Happy Halloween

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Sunday, October 30, 2022

Day 3724: A hero Dad and a pangolin.



"Change": junk mail collage.

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A slam-dunk dad


Michael McGuire might be the University of Kentucky basketball team's most dedicated fan – controversial, I know, but hear me out! The Kentucky coal miner had a choice when his shift ended last weekend: Drive 45 minutes to the Wildcats’ charity scrimmage game and arrive on time, or drive back home and clean up but miss half the game. 


McGuire is still wearing his work uniform and heavy boots and his face and arms are covered in black coal dust.

The decision was easy, though – McGuire wanted to be there when his young son Easton went wild for the home team at his first-ever basketball tourney. So McGuire arrived straight from work, still coated in black dust in his work clothes. The decision was worth it, McGuire said: “(Easton) had a blast. He was dancing and every time they would slam dunk it, he would go crazy.” His fatherly dedication caught the eye of legendary Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari, who invited the family to attend a home game at the school’s stadium (VIP treatment included). “Isn’t it neat for someone like that, who is a quiet, humble guy to know people appreciate you, and we appreciate what you stand for?” Calipari said after meeting McGuire and his family. It’s safe to say Easton is certainly proud to be a coal miner’s son!

Here's a Sunday treat — a baby white-bellied pangolin, curling its tail around the arm of its caretaker. This pic is among the photos (see below) honored by the 2022 Benjamin Mkapa African Wildlife Photography Awards, which aims to raise awareness and share beautiful photos of endangered African species.

A contemplative gorilla, taken in Rwanda, was awarded the "Grand Prize."

AWF estimates the lion populations have decreased by 43% the past two decades.

A 9-minute video,Tawny owl chickshere.

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Bare-faced Go away Bird


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Saturday, October 29, 2022

Day 3723: Cake and a card.


"Safety?": photo & digital collage

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Tom Hovey, the Illustrator Behind the Delectable ‘Great British Bake Off’ Drawings, on How the Show Has Catapulted His Career

Meet the U.K. artist who has created over 3,000 illustrations of often-fantastical baked goods for the award-winning TV program.  

A planned bake by Stacey Hart for The Great British Bake-Off.

For more than a decade, The Great British Bake Off, or The Great British Baking Show, as it has known here in the U.S., has celebrated the art of baking, with amateur contestants crafting astounding confections of flour, butter, and sugar. But before the show reveals those finished creations, it whets viewers’ appetites with colorful illustrations of each bake, which for all 13 seasons, as well as various holiday specials and spinoffs, designed by Bristol artist Tom Hovey.

Tom Hovey at work in the studio

Now 39 years old, Hovey had moved to London and was struggling to find work as a young artist back in 2010 when a friend connected him with an entry-level editing job at a new cooking show. As it happened, that show was Bake Off, which was just getting underway on its very first season—and fortuitously, Hovey confessed to his new bosses that he was an aspiring illustrator for whom a T.V. job was nothing more than a paycheck.

“One day, they came back from lunch, pulled me aside, and said, ‘Through the course of editing the first episode, we’ve realized that there’s a little visual element missing from the show. The bakers are throwing flour and eggs in the bowls and then sitting on the floor and staring at ovens for 20 minutes—it’s hard to kind of get a grasp on what’s actually being created. We’d like you to have a go at giving the viewers a way to understand what the bakers are putting together,'” Hovey told Artnet News. It took a few drafts, but Hovey eventually managed to create the first of the colorful illustrations that would quickly become a fixture of the show.

A planned bake by Paul Jagger for The Great British Bake Off.

A planned bake by Kim-Joy Hewlett for The Great British Bake Off.

A planned bake by Selasi Gbormittah for The Great British Bake Off.

A planned bake by Helena Garcia for The Great British Bake Off.

Despite having illustrated more than 3,000 bakes over the past 12 years, the artist has never actually tasted any of the food—even though this might seem a natural perk of the job. In fact, he has only been on set once, when he visited with his wife in 2014.

“It was quite nice to see the tent in person, but the reality is it’s a long day of filming, and if you don’t turn up at the right time, there isn’t stuff to eat. You’ve got to hang around, and we were just in and out really,” Hovey explained. (He’s been invited back many times, but has never made it happen.)

Last week I got a great Halloween card from Mitzi, here. So I knew I wanted to make a card for her, but WW was here and I got distracted. 

Tonight I thought, I must get to it. I have exquisite radar for when the time is about to expire. I had an idea of what I wanted so I made a quick scribble.

It never turns out like the quick sketch, but gives me a start. I wanted to watch the world series, but my tv in my studio is not working, so I took some paper into the living room and cut and tore some of the objects I needed, while I watched off and on.

Then later, I added them to the clothesline drawn on the card, they are attached only at the clothespin area.

The above is the final of the front. 
Below is the final of the inside of the card

I might collage something on the envelope, or not?
By the time you read this, it is in the mail.
A 3-minute video, chocolatehere.

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Blue Crane


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