Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 1039: Pass GO, collect $200?

"Maybe", old papers collage postcard

As mentioned  in yesterday's quickie blog here,
I am on Grandma TLC duty for the weekend.

Grandhunk #1 drove GH #2 & 3 + 3 friends to the beach.

WonderWoman and Superman are frolicking in Lake Arrowhead,

so I took a chance, drove the 12 miles home,
(advancing to "GO" ...) looking for my $200?
To do another quickie blog, then back to the big house.
They have Netflix, so I am learning the art of ...

binge watching! 3 granddogs waiting.

A smile for Sunday ...

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day 1038: Grandma TLC for the weekend!

journal page, inks, pen & china marker

 Grandma TLC (taxi, launder, cook) for the weekend!
Nice work if you can get it!
When duty calls I arrive with bells on.
Well actually with iPhone on and i pad ready.
Much of the scheduling happens through the iphone & texting.
And the i pad takes the place of my significant other, my Mac Pro.
A short post, so talk among yourselves.
But can you guess what I am doing?
More later.

A smile for Saturday ...

Friday, May 29, 2015

Day 1037: It was a free for all, sort of ...

Palm flower, digital collage

Thursday was the last May class of ...

 at ...

and it was indeed a "free for all", sort of.

The last of four progressive mixed media classes ...

after a quick demo,  12 artists played with lots of supplies ...

on a variety of mixed media projects.

My apologies to over half of the class for missing photos ...
some were blurry, others were unusable ...
poor photography, unskilled photographer & pilot error.
I really do apologize.

A smile for Friday ...

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 1036: I like smart people.

The work above was created by combining ...

paper collage & ink postcard


then playing till I liked it.

I do. I admit it, I admire smart people.
I just watched a TED presentation made by an acquaintance.
Not a close friend, but definitely an acquaintance.
I knew he was smart, but a TED talk? Impressive!
Then I thought about the smart friends and students in my life.
And of course there all kinds of smart. 
And in my case that admiration quadruples when ...
they are also kind.
Then I thought, I am so lucky ...
these smart ones let me hang around.

additions, mine.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

 Adam Johnson, Micheal Bates, Kevin Dillon, Tess Bernstein, David Gassen, Jared Stanton, Colin Morris, David Spenser and more at Orange County Fair Demo 2003.

A smile for Thursday ...

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 1035: Why yes, I do take requests.

"Spectacle", a junk mail, tissue & old paper collage postcard

It seems that some of you ... enjoy seeing the art process?
Almost an equal number seem to like seeing the mess involved.
And since, yes, I do take requests ...
today I will attempt to catch the steps and related mess,
as I make yet another postcard.

 I start with my hoarded papers ... anything I think I might use!

Using a 4 x 6" crescent board substrate & possible papers.

Cloudy outside and I seem to be going for neutrals?
Yes, I knew you would notice the two blemishes ...
but they will be covered by collage.

A master paper hoarder has to have a variety!

I am still in postcard mode, I never have too many.

First piece glued, yet to be trimmed, more ready.

Second piece down, both trimmed.

This is the next paper piece, with glue on back, ready to adhere.
I work on a telephone book and smooth with a brayer.

No plans. I just play till I like it.
I do spy some Ralph's ad waiting nearby.

Almost done?

Now for the back, address side and mini collage.

Thanks for asking.

A smile for Wednesday ...