Friday, June 9, 2023

Day 3951: Kilauea and Kitchen window.

"Displaced": photo, digital.



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Volcano eruption


Hawaii's Kilauea volcano began erupting on Wednesday morning with a burst of lava spewing from within Halema'uma'u crater at Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park. 

Officials raised the warning level for the volcano, but are also highlighting a number of safe locations for the thousands who are expected to flock to the area to take in the magnificent view. 

Kilauea volcano shot up fountain bursts about 200 feet high during the early phase of the eruption Wednesday, with the largest lava fountain consistently coming in at about 50 feet high, according to the US Geological Survey.


There is no indication that populated areas are threatened, authorities said. 

Kitchen Window

I just saw a tiny triumph to start the day.
From the vantage point of my kitchen window, I observe the comings and goings of our little neighborhood. The little princess, as I call her, was walking the dog with her Dad.
They had devised a new way, she crawled inside her Dad's t-shirt.So that her back was to his front, her head was under his chin. It required them to walk in unison, which they did. So clever. Their little white puff dog, (which I haven't named yet) seemed to think it was odd? As they got home and were ready to go in, the little fuzzy guy wasn't ready to go in. So they waited. I liked that, and they got to be as one a bit longer. Then the Mom came out, ready to leave, so there were goodbyes.
Princess came out of Dad's cocoon and walked Mom out to her car.

Then Dad asked Princess something, and she nodded yes. Then, Princess had a piggy-back ride on Dad. Cute family.

* The above was written 3 years ago and I still catch a glimpse now and then. Princess is now almost taller than her Dad or Mom. I'm guessing that she is finishing 7th grade and busier. I have 3 short stories in the Kitchen Window file.


A 1 minute video, Kilauea erupts, here.

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 Teal Duck


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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Day 3950: Catfish and Podcasts.


                                              "Attacks": watercolors, inks, digital



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The purr-fect catfish! World record 9ft 4¼in fish is caught in Italian river after the 'monster' put up a 43-minute struggle

You may not be interested in catfish? But stay with me if you have a minute? My Dad loved them, I don't.

There was a creek on my Grandpa Beatty's farm in Indiana. All the kids loved the creek and the catfish in it. I watched the process and decided it wasn't for me. Because I had no intention of trying to catch at my peril, an intimidating being that I had no intention of eating? In my fuzzy memory our catfish were 4' -8", the latter being a whopper in our view. But I digress? A lot.

Some photos of the world record Catfish caught!

Italian angler Alessandro Biancardi caught a record-breaking catfish in the river Po

A 'monster' catfish could be the largest ever caught at a staggering 9ft 4 1/4 inches, after an Italian angler fought with the bottom-dwelling beast for 43 minutes before eventually reeling it in.

On the river Po for Alessandro Biancardi, a keen angler, and almost losing his boat in the process. He managed to hook the record-breaking catch after just a few casts, but was 'sent into a panic' after he realized he was facing the biggest fish of his 23-year career, alone.

Alessandro tried to glove the mouth of the monster fish as he fought for 40 minutes

This catfish surpasses the all-tackle world record for length by 40cm

Throwback Thursday ...

WonderWoman earns Shodan degree

Santa Ana, CA  1990.

Senpai David Hines, WW, me, Leo Nakamura



The World of Podcasts?


WonderWoman has been urging me to try some podcasts. When she and Superman are driving, especially long trips, they enjoy their different podcasts. As I write this, I am listening to my first podcast! Surprisingly, I can still work, and stop to laugh and it's fun. I find there are many to choose from. Luckily I picked Wiser Than Me with Julia Louise-Dreyfus. So far, I have heard really great interviews with Jane Fonda (85) and Isabel Allende (80) I really enjoyed both and got my work done too. See, you can teach an old dog new tricks?


A  28+ minute video, Ming Gardenhere.

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Southern Double-collared Sunbird


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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Day 3949: Belinda Richards and GH#2.


"Counter-attack":collage, acrylics, digital.




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Belinda Richards

Pet Photography

Photographer Belinda Richards captures the unique personalities of cats and dogs through her soulful—and often funny—pet portrait photography. Her latest series titled Who Cut the Cheese? (it means exactly what you think) features 19 dogs and one “guilty-looking cat.” Each creature has an expression of disgust on its face, whether it’s an upturned nose or squinting eyes to indicate that it smelled something bad.

Want to learn how to shoot incredible pet portraits like Richards? Enroll in her online class Introduction to Pet Photography: Capture the Spirit of Your Furry Friend exclusively on My Modern Met Academy.

Grandhunk #2 asked me out for lunch Tuesday and picked me up at 11:15 and we went to Toast Kitchen and Bakery, in Tustin.  

(pink arrow shows where we sat)
We decided on the Blackened Chicken sandwich, and the chicken BLT, split then we each had half of each. No food photos ;op We both liked the BLT the most, but both were good.

We went home and GH#2 wanted me to see a Alice in Borderland on Netflix. He watched 2 episodes with me, then I watch #3 and part of #4 when I fell asleep. No food photos. ;op We needed to get a photo, so Jake obliged.



$3,499 is how much I have already saved! That's how much Apple will charge for its new mixed reality headset called the Apple Vision Pro. 


The device will be available early next year in the US, I won't be in line.The company announced Monday at its Worldwide Developers Conference.




A 4 minute video, clever octopushere.

Just because ...
Winkin, Blinkin and Nod. (Owls)


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