Monday, August 19, 2019

Day 2580: What did you do today, Dear?

Mrs Brown: photo, collage & didital.

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Well since you asked, I watched some "little league" on tv,
did another load of laundry, and, I read.

 my new, well recommended, almost finished book,

A lot!

If I read in the living room chair, I don't fall asleep.

I felt like ...

Only 6 hours so far, is that too much?

It's 1:15 am and I am an hour away from done!
I stopped to be able to post this #2580 blog.
What's your guess, to bed or to read?

A smile for Monday ...

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Day 2579: Costco, tires & a peach lemonade, it could be worse.

print:  a junk mail collage.

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Today has been a sloth day, 
other than 1 load of laundry ... 
I slothed!

so be it.

Since I haven't done much today, I decided to share 
the most viewed blog in my 7+ year of blogging.
It still doesn't seem that special to me, 
but it rendered more than triple my best day.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016   

Day 1538:  Costco, tires & a peach lemonade!

You may be thinking about now...
 I don't care what you did today! And that would be fair.
As always, feel free to scroll on to the smile below. ;o)
But some days I have to draw on what happened?
Today it was time to bite the bullet, I needed new tires!
I was at my Costco tire shop when they opened.
Sam checked, they didn't have my size.
He could order them and make an appointment for next week.
I asked him to check with a nearby, bigger Costco.
He did, and they did, but no appointments, so I went there.
Stood in line for 25 minutes, paid, gave my keys and 
prepared for the estimated 3 hour wait. Nowhere to sit.
Costco's food court was closed for remodeling.
I walked a mile past Lowe's & Target etc. on to  ...

which looks like an old farmhouse, 

with a empty yard, patio table & chairs.

I found a wicker chair in the shade ...
and opened my book ...

 just making the best out of a beautiful day.

(sky view from my chair)

At 2 PM, on page 103,  I went in to Lucille's for lunch,

and ordered their famous peach lemonade & a burger!
At 2:45 Costco called that my car was ready. 
I brought home 1/2 a burger & 1/2 of my peach lemonade.
Guess what's for dinner?
Costco, tires & a peach lemonade, it could be worse.

A smile for Sunday ...

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Day 2578: In a hurry to get somewhere else?

Woodman 48: junk mail collage.

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Today included a trip to Kaiser's Urgent Care.
I  gave in and got a Rx for cephlexin to battle infection.
I wisely took my new book to fill in the inevitable waits.

So many of you told me I would love it and, you're right, I do.
I love the way she writes, lyrical is what comes to mind? 
"Barclay Cove served its religion hard-boiled and deep-fried."
I'm only one third into it, but look forward to it all.

From there, I drove to Anaheim Hills to meet Ann at BJ's Grill. 
I had only had orange juice, so I was hungry. 
After lunch, we went to see the new movie, "The Farewell".

The winner of the Sundance Film Festival it is described as
"A funny, emotionally intricate and deeply moving tale of severed connections and renewed family ties." A 2 1/2 minute trailer here.
We were out at 3:30 and I drove to the house on the hill.
WonderWoman had asked me to puppy-sit 4 - 10 pm, I said, sure.

I took photos during my six hour stay, to share with you.

Zoey was glad to get out of her kennel and play.

Laker watched as she pulled out special toys.

I caught the sunset as it dropped.

In a hurry to get somewhere else?

After playing and eating, she finally rests a bit.
I watched some sports.

Everything looks better on their big screen.

Zoey, when in the right mood, enjoys watching TV. 
Nature programs like the Serenghetti are her favorites.
She even talks to the animals, trying to warn them.
Not tonight.

A smile for Saturday ...