Sunday, December 15, 2019

Day 2697: Deck the Hall.

"Josie": ink brush drawing, watercolor, and junk mail collage.

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Saturday afternoon, Ann invited me to go to ...

Retired from CSF, Ann has gone for years, it was my first time.

Photos are not allowed during performances in Meng Concert Hall.

I  took a photo before the musicians, choirs & directors entered.

And behind our seats, before the show started. 
A sold out performance.

And one last shot, before they started the performance.
The show featured the University Singers, Concert Choir,
Women's Choir, Titan Men's Choir and the 
University Symphony Orchestra.
With Robert Istad, Christopher Peterson, and
Dustin Barr as conductors. A really great show.
Thank you, Ann!

Just because ...

A smile for Sunday ...

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Day 2696: Handmade gifts.

Star: Christmas ornament: gesso, marker & tissue collage.

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As mentioned in yesterday's, Day #2695, here
each member was to bring a small, handmade gift 
for each member at our Eastside Christmas Potluck.

1. Short on time, I visited the local dollar store and 
bought plaid, cloth ornaments to use as a base.

2. Painted each ornament with white gesso for a future face.

3. I used a permanent marker to draw the face.

4. Each one a little different?
I did all of the faces first.

5. Once the face was on, I started tissue collage, using gel medium.

I finished the backs with gesso and marker for the date.

Easy, fun but time-intensive, what do you think?

Just because ...

Sula nebouxil  (blue-footed booby)

A smile for Saturday ...

Friday, December 13, 2019

Day Eastside Christmas.

"time fo'r some good news": old photo, collage & digital

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Eastside is a group of 7 artists.
We meet on the second Tuesday 
of each month to work on an art project together. 

Each artist teaches in their area of 
art. This year we met in December
for a potluck and we each made
 small handmade gifts for each member.
When we arrived at the
clubhouse, it was gifts galore.


Linda Bucci
Norma Prickett

Josie Hamilton
Libby Williamson

Jody Bradshaw
Erin Houghton

Merry Christmas from Eastside. 

A Smile for Friday ...

Grandhunk's Christmas tree?