Friday, August 31, 2018

Day 2227: was an experiment!

Anne of Avonlea: mixed media - book, collage & marker.

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I spent most of Wednesday herding supplies & tools for

wanting to have a sample for Thursday's class, 
I worked on the upcoming book project.
Starting with an old book from the used bookstore ...

A book lover, but if you could see all the lonely books 
in the used book store,at least these books will be used.

Book surgery: the front side of the spine is slit, then the back.

Which separates the hardback cover from the text signatures.

I will use all of the text pages in future collages.


Turning the inside upright, the hardback will be the substrate. 
Many artists use the front or back separately, as substrates.

I decided to line the interior with pages from the this book.
I used gel medium to adhere the pages to the inner book.
Another option would be to gesso the interior.


My plan was to use the book as a wall hanging from bamboo.
I hadn't figured out how to attach the book, it was an experiment.

It looks fairly sad at this point, but collage may save it.
Even though I am on a cactus kick, I decided to do a collage doll.

I started with her legs & my favorite part, the shoes.
Working paper on paper, I switched to gluestick & brayer.

Collage finished, but in need of outlining with marker.

I would have been done, 
but decided I against tan & white string.

I switched to red & white butcher string.
I had originally thought I'd use wire, but 
it could also be yarn, ribbon or various strings. 
Beads could be added as well.
This was done as a sample and I learned a lot! 
For one, the stringing is the hardest part, and ...
it could look a lot better than what is shown here.
This was an experiment, but doable.

I hope you'll visit again Saturday to see the class work.

A smile for Friday ...

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Dat 2226: ... her version of nap time.

Chrissy: photo, collage, graphite & acrylics.

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A Puppy Update:

photo by WW

Grand puppy Zoey, 22 weeks ...
her version of nap time.

For FB - Throwback Thursday ...

Billy Zapka, Christopher Ford, me, 1983

A smile for Thursday ...

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Day 2225: Less is more, or not.

mini: pen & graphite.

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Am getting ready for the last of four classes in ...

Mix Media Collage - This Thursday, August 30, 2018 10:00AM to 1:00PM
This last class utilizes different techniques & materials 
while creating mix media work on a book!
REGISTRATION: $45 with all supplies included  sign up here!
So ... 
I visited a used book store ...

I dug out my ...

and some of the things we will need ...

If this makes you curious, good! 
But even better, join us if you can?

Save the date?

Mix Media on a Large Canvas   
Saturday September 29, 2018

Play with a variety of materials including acrylic paint, acrylic mediums, collage, graphite, paint markers and more! Artist, instructor jacki long will demonstrate a variety of methods for you to use on a large canvas to create your own large mix media painting. All materials provided
Skill Level: All. Ages: 16+.  Registration is $99, limited seats available. Sign up here.

89 degrees, Sunny, Santa Ana, CA

For extra credit y'all ...
after a hard day class I went straight to get gas, 
 to the bank to deposit checks, Costco to get oxy-clean on sale, 
OJ & one more thing that seemed like a good idea at the time, 
 to Bed, Bath & Beyond for three items 
that have been on the list for a month, 
then on to Target for gift cards & some tissue paper.
Home at 4:30 where I am debated a nap or getting work done.
Which do you think won? TMI?

A smile for Wednesday ...

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Day 2224: Looking for the good stuff.

graffiti face: Montana markers

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Home from 5 days from up on the hill.
Unpacked, put in a load of laundry and ...
not in the best possible mood.
I heard a knock on the door.
I opened to see my 6'5" Grandhunk #1!
 A sight to behold. Totally made my day! 
He was stopping by after his fist class of the new year.
Handsome, kind & smart, he asked me what I needed.
He sat on the couch that he & his brothers made lumpy (here).

I started rattling on about my tech-y problems.
How my phone didn't synch with my lap top, etc.
He took my phone, up-dated & saw that my cloud was full!
Now you don't want a full cloud!
Apple had been telling me that, but I ignored.
We signed me up for storage and he updated where needed. 
The MacPro laptop is now sailing with the latest "High Sierra".
My external drive on my old MacPro is still not working,
but a trip to get a new cord & an adapter might be a fix.
You get the idea, an hour and a half of pure pleasure. 
Several hugs and he was off to do homework.
Leaving me smiling. Good stuff does wonders.

GH#1 & GH#3 2012
Great memories, they all love that couch.

Another cool thing. 
Last Thursday in class, a new student brought me a gift!

She had heard me say I am currently nuts about cacti!
This will hold my cacti papers and give me ideas.
Thank you kind Katie!

You might want to check out this one minute video here
it's about the best airport in the world! Unbelievable!
A guaranteed Wow!

A smile for Tuesday ...