Thursday, December 31, 2020

Day 3079: I wish my reading could burn calories.




"Pensive#2": old photo, collages and digital.


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I have been reading a lot. My right shoulder often keeps me from sleeping, tv in the wee hours is, in my opinion, a waste, so I read. WonderWoman bought Teresa's book, as the author is related to WW's best friend, and we had read previews and reviews. The book is Wildflower, A tale of transcendence by Dr. Teresa Van Woy.  I knew Teresa had had a rough life as a child but nothing could have prepared me for the actuality. See preview here, and a review here.

I have always noticed that children of parents with problems tend to either repeat the same pattern as they grow up, the child of a drinker, drinks, or, they make a decision very early on that they don't like what they see and make a decision to take another path. This young girl honed a strong spirit, against all odds, and not only survived the  unbelievable, but thrived. It was the kind where you mentally revisit scenes as you go about your day.

I was already well into the Pulitzer Prize winner, All the Light We Cannot See, and stopped on page 375, so I could read WW's book and return it to her. My dear friend Denise, gave me this book for my birthday. She has a perfect record of picking books for me, and this was no exception. I am anxious to return and probably finish the last 150 pages tonight. It is another eye opening trek, and fascinating.


•  A fascinating 2-minute video, Salmon crossing , here.
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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Day 3078: I don't cook much.




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Update ...

I don't cook much. WW has kept me well supplied with so many great foods during the pandemic. My hardest part is deciding what to eat. But today ... I will eat for energy.


Since I had a pound of fresh spinach, it was a no-brain-er.
A pound makes a mountain in my wok ... then cooks down.
And yes, I can (but didn't) eat a whole pound by myself.

I had a small bowl of tomato bisque soup leftover and calling me.

I had baby potatoes, so nuked then grilled them.
If you like teas, you might look into Rishi teas, exceptional.

My grandhunks gave me this great Teavana mug 
with a strainer & lid  two years ago, so I can brew loose teas. Cool!

So this was my meal and Rx! And today's blog! 
Never know what you will get, right?


•  An stunning 14+minute video, Tokyo lights, here.
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