Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 129: Happy Birthday Mom!

My Mom would have been 96 today.
Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom with her Mom, Grandma Beatty

Mom (R) with brother, Ervine (L)

Mom (L) with siblings Vonda and Ervine.
The youngest three of the ten Beatty children.

Mom at age 12.

Mom at age 18.

Mom (second from right)

Mom (L) was Miss Muncie (Indiana) while in college.

Mom on the day she was married.

Dad, Mom and me at age 1.

Dad, Mom and me at age 3.
I remember this photo being taken, 
we were celebrating Mom's birthday.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 128: Art set-up and Marly ...

I've been focused on this sale, and set-up was today.

And at the set-up, was "Marly" ...

You see, this is Marly's home and these artists
invaded with all their stuff ...

Libby Williamson / Blue Denim Design
setting up for a two day sale ...

Diane Calderwood  

Erin Houghton

Linda Bucci / "Ms. Gotrocks Jewelry"

Linda Bucci / "Ms. Gotrocks Jewelry"
jacki long / mixed media on canvas

 Norma Prickett

Carolyn Waitt, Sherry Goodloe, Robert Bucci,  Linda Migge,
and Robert Murphy will set up tomorrow morning.

And Marley is waiting!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 127: Don't ask ...

Still at it, and not ready. Set up is tomorrow afternoon. 

Today I will post some close-ups of digital work 
that will be in Costa Mesa.

Though not an angel, 
that face is similar to my current bewilderment. 

I am taking several 18x24 digitals, 
this one is from a series from 2003.

Not framed, but in a protective sleeve, ready to be.

These are small sections of a bigger composition.

If you're in O.C. I hope you'll stop by?

I make journals out of specialty and ordinary papers,
for myself and friends, so will take them too.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 126: Everyday I'm shuffling ...


You know the song, right?
Well that's the music to fit today ...

Getting down to the wire, running around crazy
and not enough time to do all I want.

I decided to take a few close-ups of work that is sale bound.

These are some of the girls that will go to Costa Mesa.

There are a couple of guys, but they weren't camera ready.

Glare compliments of the i-phone, it flashes whenever it wants.

I can't find my camera. It's here, but where?
So I am at the mercy of the i-phone,
and lucky to have it.

I am about done for today, can you tell?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 125: Hey, meet Will!

Yes, I am busy at work to make-up for my playing yesterday.

Still working feverishly to be ready for this local sale.
But I had to do my breakfast dishes, and then I saw ...
my neighbor Will!

It was his nifty fluorescent crocs that first caught my eye. 
He picked them out himself!

The next thing I noticed was Will's focus.
He has a real intensity on Monday and Friday mornings.

You can tell something is up ...

yet he is quiet and patient ...

uncommon, I think, for a healthy happy two year old.

And there it is, the center of Will's world 
each Monday and Friday.
And have you ever noticed how kind these drivers 
are to their young admirers? I have.

You have to take special care of young admirers.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 124: Should be working.

Yes, I should be working! Only five days to finish up.

But, with the will power of a gnat, 
I will join good friends Adrian and Bill ...

to go see Lincoln.

Lincoln was really well done and I predict an oscar for  
Daniel Day Lewis who really does a masterful job.

Would you believe they had carolers outside the theater?

Now home, but low energy level.
Maybe I'll rest and work harder tomorrow?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 123: Workday!

 Some days you just have to work! Just that simple.

Being a master procrastinator, I am now down to the wire.
My daughter has most of her Christmas done. Done!
She says she remembers good friend Adrian and I 
still wrapping Christmas gifts in the wee hours and 
decided that we were nuts and thus she is the 
antithesis of my procrastination.
So you see, it did serve some purpose?

So now I pay. Lots of work to do in the next few days.
My room is in chaos, and I am a mess.

I have a date at 6 PM with the three men in my life,
so a shower is also on the agenda.