Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day 919: Just three requirements ...

"Say cheese",  old photography & collage, digitized

I was married for 32 years.

I don't plan to marry again.

but … I might get engaged?

If …

I bump into someone with these three requirements:

1. a greats sense of humor, I can't exist without humor.

2. handy at fixing things … I am surrounded by fix-it needs.

3. computer tech abilities, mac specifically.

Got those?

We're engaged!

Disclaimer: This is, of course, my attempt at humor meant for amusement purposes only, 
unless you're a male with the 3 requirements.

And,  in the "did you know" category …
great friend Linda showed me this site …
Hers was for Muncie, IN but at 23' that was too cold for me.
I customized mine, so almost TMI weather info … but so cool! 

Thanks Linda!

A smile for Saturday …

Friday, January 30, 2015

Day 918: They came, they played, they conquered!

Stamp head & collage postcard for mail art

It happened again!

Eighteen creative types converged on CATALYST
for the fourth and final  …

A great group, fun and eager to explore.

The new journal given to each one …

four weeks ago now shows …

art in various techniques, optional assignments and fun.

My hardest job was to remember to take pictures.

Next hardest, remembering which art belongs to who?

Working on drawing assignments ...

 as well as acrylic paints, and collage ...

all with a lot of individualism.

I think my boss,  Rebecca does some kind of magic …

background check, as I only get the nicest people!

I like art to show that the artist had fun creating.

Can you tell we did?

Off February, our next four week journal series will be on
 Sundays 10 - 12:30  •  March 8, 15, 22, and 29, 2015
 2-1/2 hours and still have all of your Sunday too. 
Wanna play?

A smile for Friday …

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 917: How to cannibalize a grapefruit ...

"Geisha", security envelope, magazine & Japanese paper collage on a journal page.

How to cannibalize a grapefruit.
Oh surely it has crossed your mind? 
Well it just crossed mine.
I sit here approaching Day 917 of consecutive blogposts,
and sometimes you grasp at … grapefruits!

Recently at Costco, I bought a big bag.
I live alone, so I need to get busy. 
First you need a grapefruit knife …

with a cool serrated edge.
Now for the surgery …

Skillfully cutting around each section,
making each easier to acquire.
Now you need a grapefruit spoon …
(tools of the trade)

to dig out each section with style!
But this is only half way …

The novices stop here.
But, not a grapefruit surgeon.
All the leftover pink will be removed and devoured.

Then squeezed to oblivion.
And the other half?
It's in a bowl for tomorrow!

Bon app├ętit!

A smile for Thursday …

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day 916: What do you see?

"What do you see?" ink drawing & collage, digitized

As mentioned before, I love old photos. 
I am working on an interesting but difficult job.

Scanned tiny, mostly blurry photos …

to be combined into a composition. 

My client gave permission to share the photos.

It seems each one tells a story.

I didn't colorize this final one, 
as I think it has it's own ghostly quality?

What do you see?

79 degrees in Santa Ana, CA

A smile for Wednesday …