Monday, November 30, 2020

Day 3048: Two Sundays in a row.




"Warpaint": ink brush drawing, acrylics, junk mail collage, digital.



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Update ...

I sit here on the second Sunday night, wondering what I can add for tomorrow's blog? Did you notice there were two Sundays in a row? I guess it had something to do with Thursday's Thanksgiving, then Friday felt like Saturday and was followed by two Sundays. It's a fact.

The first Sunday I was working on a little book & dragged out stuff.
Junk mail, old photos and at the right, the little book.
Have you ever been drawn in by photos and old letters? They beckon you in to study, read and imagine. Lucky, I had a second Sunday.
And, all that works makes one hungry. My repast was a cream cheese and Tobasco pepper jelly dip with wheat thins. Have you tried that?


•   A fun 4-minute video, turkeys take charge, here.
•  A surprising 6-minute animation, Hey Deer!, here.
•  A sweet 4-minute animation, "Dear Alice", here.

As I have mentioned before, I follow Carol Mulvenon's blog here, and today I am sharing with you, her posted Covid chart ...

And, another meaningful article, shared with Carol by Hope Gaston from San Diego. I thank them both.


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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Day 3047: ... one of just a few.


"Wheat": porcelain on wood barrel head, 11-1/2" x 11-1/2".


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Still another short story ...



I noticed the above ceramic piece today. And, realized it is one of just a few ceramic pieces that I have left to show for my years as a potter. I mentioned that time here and here. Oh, and I mentioned Moose, recently, here.

 I started in the early 70's and used to sell to designers and department sales, and had a home sale by invitation, two days a year. Wonder-Woman was little and it allowed me to work from home. So, the pieces that remain are nearly antiques.  Seems like a long time ago.


•   An adorable 2+minute video, baby polar bear, here.
•  An unusual 4-minute video, Meercat?, here.
•  A wow 1-1/2 minute video, like heights?, here.

Just because ...
Raggiana Bird-of-paradise


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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Day 3046: Orange Friday?




"Orange Friday": photos, collage & digital.


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•   A fun 2-minute video, time-lapse, here.
•   A fun 4-minute video, gel plate/Jane Davies, here.
•  Another fun 4-minute video, DYI/Collage, here.




Just because ...

African Darter


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