Thursday, December 13, 2018

Day 2331: Still celebrating.

Elen Johnson Sirleaf: photo, collage, text & digital. 18x24'0

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Another busy day. A good day.
But maybe the best was Grandhunk #1 stopping by

bringing birthday roses! A gentle giant, 6'5" and so kind.
He helped me with my new iPad Pro, pencil 
& new smart keyboard folio. It is so cool! 
The celebration continues.


67 degrees, Partly Cloudy, Santa Ana, CA

Four of us went to lunch after at Uoko with Demura Sensei, 
I forgot to take pictures.Thanks Bob for my lunch! 
It was delicious. Still celebrating.

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this coming Saturday ...

Mix Media Giant Canvas with Jacki Long

Take a break from the busy holiday season and join us for this fun workshop. Create a large mixed media canvas painting in a relaxed, fun setting. Lots of demos, large standing easels.

Six uninterrupted hours with a lunch break if you wish, eateries nearby. Use paint, acrylic mediums, collage and more to create a one of a kind painting. Bring a reference if you like. You will go home with your own 30x40 painting.

REGISTRATION: $99.  Includes 30x40" canvas & all supplies.

A few seats are still available , click for information & sign-up.

A smile for Thursday ...

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Day 2330: Another great day!

village: acrylic, gesso, collage on journal spread

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A journal spread on 8-1/2 x 11" heavy watercolor paper
to share another step-by-step.


I started with acrylics spread on a celadon base.

step 2

Uncertain, I started adding black gesso in an irregular grid.

step 3

I started to see buildings so just went with it.

step 4

I wanted to add collage, just here and there.
I thought it was done, but ...
when I looked at it on screen ... not quite.

step 5

The addition is subtle, but I think necessary.
Doesn't look like anything would pass code?
But, I do like the colors. What do you think?

Tuesday was my birthday and I woke up to a lot of messages.

My family were all working, and I had a lots of errands.
Roy Center, Costa Mesa Dojo Instructor had asked 
me to come to their annual Kata Tournament at 5 PM.
I got caught in heavy traffic and called Roy to let him know.
My phone is set up so I don't get calls while driving.
But since I had called Roy, it thought I wasn't driving.
The phone rang, I answered and WonderWoman said 
"why are you answering when you are driving?" 
I said, "you called me!"My little squirrel-powered car 
doesn't have blue tooth anda lot of other modern amenities, 
but it gets 38 mpg, so it's cool.I got to the dojo @ 5:20, 
and the tournament had just started.It is always so nice 
to be invited back to the dojo where I taught for 33 years. 
Some of the students are still there. Some of the juniors 
are now twice as tall. So nice to see the traditions still in place. 
Kim Israelson baked a beautiful birthday cake and they sang 
to me. I thanked them for not putting candles on it. 
Costa Mesa Dojo gave me & all the judges a beautiful 
poinsettia plant. The Riss family gave me a beautiful tiny 
birthday cake. I received cards & many gift bags, which 
I haven't opened yet, but I took a picture for you. 
I am behind on reading the many birthday wishes 
on my phone, but will thank you all soon.

So you see, another really wonderful day. 
My thanks to so many who took time to write a message, 
send a card, call, sing to me, give me a hug, a gift or kind wishes.
 I so appreciate it all.
You made it a really great day and I sincerely thank you.

A smile for Wednesday ...

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Day2329: 77 and counting!

2 sisters: old photo, collage & digital

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Over the years and 2328 days of doing this little blog,
many people have liked the Dad stories, so I will repeat one.

Let me preface the story with the fact that my Dad grew up during the Great Depression. It hit him, his family & everybody he knew, hard. It scarred him for life. He was beyond frugal, way beyond. He couldn't afford to go to school, but he could drive. He became a Greyhound bus driver, with many safety awards. He loved to swim and became an Olympic caliber diver. He made the US team, selected by famous Coach Sammy Lee. Two months later he had tuberculosis and was in a facility. He missed the Olympics and his dream opportunity. Life wasn't easy. He raised me to know that.

Home from boarding school for the weekend, at age 9, I mentioned to my Dad that ...DeDe, my roommate & friend at school, had allergies.Without missing a beat, my Dad said ..."we don't have allergies, allergies are for rich people." You would have liked my Dad, most everybody did.

As this Day 2328 posts tonight, I will turn 77 years.
Some days that number seems real, but luckily most days not.

WW picked me up for an early birthday lunch at Zov's! 
We did a little Christmas shopping then home. 
Once home Grandhunk#1 came by to help me
with my new iPadPro & pencil, he's amazing. 

This portrait was taken with my new iPadPro!
Jordan taught me how to charge the pencil and some 
of the many features, similar to his iPhone 10.
I plan to view some of the tutorials tonight.
So thankful and happy for this great & generous gift.
Thanks again Salloum Family & Grandhunk #1 for your help.

A smile for Tuesday ...

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Day 2328: What a great day!

Ruby: tissue, sewing patterns & joss paper collage on canvas.

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On Sunday afternoon, it is our practice to go to the 4:30 service at Eastside. We go then, because all three Grandhunks are off work by then and we can all six go together. As I have mentioned, I could drive and meet them there, but instead I drive to the house on the hill and ride with them. I love the family chatter to and from.
Our church is affiliated with Missions of Hope International,

We had the opportunity to sponsor a child, from 3,000 profiles and pictures posted on the walls. SM & WW  sponsored three, and I was thinking about it. Then I saw Maryann Akoth Otieno and she melted my heart.  
Born 11/11/2012 she is at Bonderi School, Nairobi, Kenya. "Maryann's favorite subject is art, and she would like to be a teacher when she grows up."

Already a very special day.

After church we all went to dinner at Rodrigo's. I didn't realize it was a dinner for my birthday, since that's not till Tuesday. But everyone will be working and so we celebrated together Sunday. I should have taken pictures, but I was caught off guard? After we ordered, they handed me two beautifully wrapped gifts. I had no clue? They said open the bigger one first.

It's an iPad Pro, my dream gift!

And, the Apple pencil, a stylus for the iPad Pro.

Grandhunk # 1 will come over tomorrow to help me get set up.
I have to be the happiest camper in SoCal! I am so blessed.
Thank you Superman, WonderWoman & Grandhunks!

A smile for Monday ...