Sunday, October 25, 2020

Day 3012: Watch Out For Snakes!



"Maryann": ink brush drawing on acrylic with collage.




 Whenever I use acrylics, I use the leftover acrylic on all kinds of paper. With no ides what I will use them for later on. Here is a sample.


 Tonight I decided to try an ink brush drawing on it.


 My first ink-brush was dry, but still usable to start.


I used torn pieces of heavier paper, leaving the torn edges to show. I like what it adds. I might have added collage to the face area, or background area, but not tonight.

I cropped this one, as the hair seemed the weakest part? And the same for the lead art face at top.  Total time, 40 minutes. I could have played with it digitally, and still might another time. Thanks for looking.


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Strange but true: Last week Ann and I met for lunch at 

but on the pathway into the restaurant ...

There was an actual sign that had my head swiveling as if on a stick.

My question to you, would the sign have deterred you from going in? It didn't stop us, as they have good food. We plan on going again next week. Snakes beware.


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Just because ...

Black-capped Chickdee


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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Day 3011: A little tirade.



"Vote 2020": voter pamphlet collage.


 Finished studying, and voting I was ready to recycle the pamphlets, but not till after a quick collage. Not great but fun to recycle.








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As a teacher for oh so many years. you learn to study your students. We teachers try our best, but we do mess up sometimes.  I got an email from my cousin Donna's daughter, Sheryl about her daughter, Lucie. Lucie from the very young beginning has been an artist, out of the box, hovering in space, genius, in my opinion. She is blessed with very creative and nuturing parents who allowed her to design and even paint and furnish her own room. This was when most cuties her age were playing with barbies or coloring books. She is not a misfit.
She and her older sister Masin play golf, as does their Dad. They attend public school, participate in 4-H and more. I am on this tirade because Lucie recently went back to school after Covid.  Her Mom, Sheryl said, "Well- the first couple of days of 7th grade art did not go well when the teacher took a paintbrush out of Lucie’s hand and proceeded to paint on her project. However, things are looking up and the teacher has let Lucie do her “thing.” I found this crumpled by her backpack tonight. 😄"  I wrote back, "That's awesome! But, no one should touch another's creation. I hear stories like that from adults  almost my age, of their art teacher doing that to them years ago, and the pain is still there. I am glad Lucie has enough spunk from all the years of appreciation that you and David have invested in her abilities and talent. I am pretty sure it's a minor scrape that will not deter her confidence. It sounds like the teacher has realized that by now? Sheryl replied. "Thanks! Yes- Lucie was very upset and really wanted to get out of the class for a couple of weeks. She has very strong feelings about her art and what her vision is on each project. I think the teacher finally figured that out and has let her express her self without interference since then. It seems all good now. She is drawing so much I am having to get her new sketchbooks every couple of weeks." So,

I, who have too much stuff, am sending a care package to Lucie!

Don't you love a happy ending?



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Anne's Treasures Art Kits- Papier maché Masks


A very special arts engagement program for seniors. Create beautiful and unique art projects. We will be offering art material kits with instructions and sample photos for curbside pick-up at the North entrance to the museum. Pick-up will be from 10 -11 AM on the designated Thursdays. 

Papier maché masks- Decorate a paper maché butterfly or cat mask to wear or display on your wall.

Reserve your kits by Friday November 6
Pick-up day: Thursday November 12, 10-11am
Free for Members age 62 and over | General $7 | Members (under 62) $7

Questions? E-mail or call 714.567.3678.



2GN2S #2

Hello Jacquelyn Long,

This is a message from Orange County Registrar of Voters. Your ballot for the 2020 General Election was received and will be counted. Thank you for voting!


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