Saturday, January 21, 2017

Day 1640: A new guy for the weekend!

Laker, photo, collage & digital

A four legged guy!
My granddog to be exact.

Laker is coming to spend the weekend in my tiny place.
WonderWoman is on the way over with Laker now. 

At their new home the stairs are being stained
& can't be tread on til Sunday.

All 5 humans are all scheduled for different places.

Coming to a tiny, quiet place might be boring,
compared to his home with 3 Grandhunks & 2 Superheroes.

After the rain eased up, Laker & I took a walk.

A quiet weekend at Grandma's.
What are you doing this weekend?

Grey skies and pouring rain Friday & I am a happy camper.
I once told Demura Sensei how I loved the rain.

He responded, "that shows your personality!"
The people hearing laughed, but I took it as a compliment.

A smile for Saturday ...

Friday, January 20, 2017

Day 1639: It really does finally rain in SoCal!

Mix, photo, acrylic, collage & digital

Thursday was the 2nd of the series of four classes on collage.

Working on three or four canvas substrates at once,
 experimenting with acrylics, collage & gel medium.

by Julie Berliner

Can you tell we had fun?

Lots of rain lately, 


so thanks goodness it really does finally rain in SoCal.

A smile for Friday ...

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Day 1638: Collage therapy.

Scarlet, ink, watercolor, china marker & collage postcard

A quick step by step postcard.

step 1

A speedy ink brush drawing.

step 2


step 3

A few bits of collage papers.
Ready to address and mail.

Today, and the following 2 Thursdays:

Make up for January 12th will be February 2, 2017
Play with different collage techniques during this series of classes. You will create collage on paper, collage mail art, collage on canvas and more! Learn how to add to your collage with different mediums, paint markers, color pencil, and paint during this mixed media class with Jacki Long. All materials provided.
REGISTRATION: $45 per class/$160 for the series.
Limited seats are available for these classes, sign up today!

For FB Throwback Thursday:

Japan 1980

A smile for Thursday ...

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Day 1637: A short story.

diva, acrylic, china marker & watercolor journal page

A quick story, not the one I originally intended but...
I came across an old license plate in the garage.
In the 80's, we had a new car, a Nissan 300 ZX!

We picked this personalized plate ...

The Japanese dictionary had said ... extravagance or luxury.
It was a Japanese sports car, a splurge so 
to us at the time, it seemed appropriate.
One day I was arriving at a tournament, 
and as I exited my car, a prominent Japanese Sensei 
looked at the license plate then at me and laughed.
Not a smile, or a chuckle, but a big long laugh.
Later he asked me if I knew what it meant?
I responded what I had read in the dictionary.
He said, "maybe sometimes, but more commonly 
it means spoiled."

A smile for Wednesday ...

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Day 1636: Warts and all.

Atlantic, junk mail collage postcard + digital

Tried to use this down time to get something done.
Not totally pleased with the results, but
decided to use it anyway, as John says, warts & all.

step 1 & 2

Using junk mail to collage postcard ...

step 3 & 4

step 5 & 6

step 7

step 8 & 9

step 10

I like to make postcards, and mail to students who take my classes.

Ready to address and mail.

A smile for Tuesday ...