Friday, October 19, 2018

Day2276: No rules, just fun.

In Progress: collage, ink

Sometimes on your way to what you think you want, 
you like it and just stop!

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Imagine ...
three hours, uninterrupted, just for you.
To relax, play, experiment, laugh & have fun.

Where the $45 class fee includes everything, all supplies!
Just walk in and play.

Sound like fun? 
Maybe you'll join us next class, October 25th, 10-1pm?
Information and sign up, here.

Thursday, October 18th was the third of the four week series.
All classed are individual, so can be taken one or all.

We used Trader Joe's 99c shopping bags ...

 with interesting graphics ...


heavy-duty reinforced canvas ...


great colors ...

and we cut them apart to make junk journals.

journal by Connie

we used a variety of papers and sized for the inside of the journal.

No rules, just fun.
About now Connie told us a funny story that had us howling.

by Valerie

Val designed a tri-fold journal with 2 signatures and a pocket!

by Julie

The above is only a partial view of class work.


A really fun group.

A smile for Friday ...

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Day 2275: How about some Apfelstrudel?

comparisons: ink, graphite, acrylic, junk mail collage & digital

. . .

The original was a graphite & acrylic sketch ...

 then combined with parts of a junk mail collage, layered twice.

I actually like both of the above individually, 
but this was about creating a new version.
What do you think? I love feedback. ;o)

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I went to the grocery today, and had such a craving for sweets.
All the breads, cookies & desserts were calling to me.
I did look, but I came home sweets free.
But, I kept thinking about the sweets I saw.
I opened my e-mail, and Austrian artist & friend, Heidi said ...
"Today I have a Step by Step for you, Jacki 😀 
It‘s about baking an Apfelstrudel (Apple strudel)."

 > < . > < . > <

"In the first pic you see what is needed: 
flour, butter, eggs, some water, salt, apples." 

all photo by Heidi Putschoegl

"2nd: preparing the dough."

"Let the dough rest in the fridge."

"Roll it out." 

"Place the apple slices on the dough, add some sugar, 
 raisins, cinnamon, vanilla and nuts. 
Fold it together,  brush it with a whisked egg."

"Put it into the oven and let it bake."

photo by Heidi Putschoegl
"And then enjoy!"

"Hope you like my little story. 
Wishing you a fine evening." 
Thanks so much Heidi!
So, if this didn't make you drool, check that pulse!

For FB Throwback  Thursday ...

Disneyland Hotel, 1988

Ryusho Sakagami Sensei

A smile for Thursday ...


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Day 2274: Half day at the huse on the hill.

Rosalund: acrylic, collage, canvas & digital.

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Half day & last day at the house on the hill.
The superheroes just took off and are flying home ...

Zoey, Laker and I have been up since 6:01 am
and have had several adventures already.
Then I discovered ... 

One for each, and they were both in heaven! Me too.



Manna from heaven! They both held it like a precious gift!
I stayed close while enjoying the quiet.
Laker, being a pro, got his chew slimy in 25 minutes, 
when I took it away to prevent swallowing it whole. 
Zoey, a novice, took 35 minutes. TMI?

I used to journal daily, now this blog is daily 
and the journal is more like weekly.
This one, from 2012, was small.
I did a collage on the left and writing on the right.

Usually abstract, using junk mail, this one had potential.

I am particularly fond of a 4x4" square format ...

version A 

version B

version C

And, the second selection from the top, rotated.

The same, filtered. The possibilities are endless.
Handy to have 102 journals to pick through, 
when time hasn't allowed time for my artwork lately.
Back to work soon. 
Thanks for your patience and for your visit.

A smile for Wednesday ...