Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Day 1672: Family in the house!

2 face, ink. watercolor & collage on journal pages

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Family in the house!

You might think Thanksgiving or the holidays, but
for us family from all over the globe comes in February!


Demura Sensei &Day class (Amador had left to return to work)

This was day class, five days before the tournament,
Family, with more family on the way.

Demura Sensei & Mario, Chiel Instructoe, Chile Genbu-kat Karate-do

Demura Sensei & Canada Genbu-kat Karate-do

Demura Sensei & Sam, Minnesota Genbu-kat Karate-do

Demura Sensei & Costa Mesa, CA Genbu-kat Karate-do

Demura Sensei & Hombu dojo, Santa Ana, CA Genbu-kat Karate-do

And I asked if anyone wanted a close up?


And I found a cutie!

By the time you see this, our family has no doubt tripled?
And, with more family on the way.

73 degrees, Santa Ana, CA


A smile for Wednesday ...

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Day 1671: It's in the mail!

"beanie", ink, acrylic & collage postcard

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I am committed to sending a handmade postcard
to every brave person who takes my class
& trusts me with their address for mailing.
I like making the postcards, so as long as...

 they like getting them, it's a win - win. 

Sometimes it takes a while, but a postcard will arrive.

Finished a bunch, mailing 26 on 2/20/2016.
Hopefully better than junk mail?

Starting with quick & quirky sketches on ...
4 x 6" heavy watercolor paper.

Adding quick brushstrokes of watercolor for skin tones...

followed by more quick colors for hair 
& background & usually junk mail collage 
added for hair & a touch of the background.

Some prefer landscaped or abstracts, so a few of those too.

Usually, I add a small collage on the back, message side ...

WW makes fun of me for doing it, but I like the way it looks.

Thanks for stopping by, I'd sure love to hear from you.

A smile for Tuesday ...

Monday, February 20, 2017

Day 1670: And one more thing ...

"age 2 with Uncle Les", old photo & digital done in 1997

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Over the past two days, here & here,
I've been telling about Uncle Les ... but
I kept having this nagging feeling that I hadn't done justice 
 to show just how special Uncle Les was to us, his family.

Cousin Donna said,  "I remember when we lived in Big Springs, 
I had to be 10 or under, he took Nancy and I fishing 
down at the area across from Bill Dale.  
Don't remember if we caught anything but 
nice just being with Uncle Brownie."

Uncles Les, Nancy, Donna, me & Katha.

I'm sure Katha, Nancy & Martha have special stories too.
I automatically smile when I remember him.
You felt special just being with him, 
he was always both funny & fun!

In the summer between my freshman & sophomore year 
in college I came back to CA to work 3 jobs.
Before I left to return to Indiana, Uncle Les & Aunt Tillie
called saying they were proud of my hard work 
& wanted to take me shopping for a school outfit.
That was a first for me & I was really thrilled.
They took me to Bullock's & had me look for an outfit.
It came down to two choices. 
I can still see them both so clearly, 50+ years later.
One, a brownish-grey skirt & matching sweater.
And, an orange skirt & matching cardigan.
"Match-y, match-y" was good back then. ;o)
They had me try on both.
I decided on the brown as the most practical.
Aunt Tillie agreed. But Uncle Les said ...
that the orange would make other people happy.
He sent me back to school with both.
That was my first "back-to-school-clothes".
He was indeed, that special.

A different kind of love story. ♥
What do you think?


As I was sorting through these old photos, 
I came across these 4 old nameplates.
Each so different, all so special to me.

A smile for Monday ...

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Day 1669: A love story.

Geneva & Otha, old photo & digital

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Continuing from my story of Uncle Les yesterday, here.
Their's was a special love story I think.
My source is my Mom. His youngest of five sisters.
She idolized him as did many. I pestered her for more stories.
I called on Cousin Katha, our family historian, for verification.
Uncle Les with his wonderful humor, was a very popular man.
He finally met & eventually married Geneva.

I called her Aunt Tillie, I don't know why?
Aunt Tillie was a fancy lady & maybe a bit high maintenance.

I don't know how long they were married, a year I think.
Aunt Tillie didn't cook or do housework. Uncle Les did.
But they had differences & divorced.
They went on & both married other people. 
Over time they were unhappy with their new mates 
& later divorced.
After that they realized they were better together.

They re-married & lived the rest of their life ...
happily ever after.

A love story. ♥
What do you think?

A smile for Sunday ...