Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Day 1888: Logististics of the step by step?

Reiko, acrylic, collage & junk mail on flip-book

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Another quick step by step in the tiny flip-book.
I was asked about the logistics involved?
I think this tiny flip-book is so easy.  
I just leave it out & when I have even just a few minutes ...

yummy stuff!
and some nearby paper scraps ...

messy stuff!

or leftover ink, paint ...

tiny stuff!

I even have a little basket of small scraps ... 
stuff you might toss?  But they come in so handy.


This is an already 
gel printed paper, 
collage-d over a
rather hopeless 
face, done in marker
but does show the 
collage process, 
fill a little or 
 a lot. 
I will likely collage 
over it too. Or not.

Then I go in and add a face shape on the paint smudge.
I often so several of these and come back later to finish.

When I start adding to the face, it is the "makeover" stage 
and I am always amazed at ...


What a difference even 2 scraps of paper can make?


It's kinda like a "reveal", right? 
Sometimes I add even tinier snippets for eyes & mouth etc, 
sometimes I prefer the simpler original lines if I got lucky.

Sometimes, like this one with Reiko, 
I add scraps to suggest a body.
I guess you know, I love junk mail! 

In using junk mail or any kind of text, it is 
my preference to always use test sideways or upside down ...
so it is part or the design, rather that to read.

A funny story I tell my classes. 
Years ago I was called by the OC Fair Art Exhibit. 

A very kind lady informed me that I had won first prize. 
It was a huge frame of 40 of my junk mail collages combined. 
I remember, it was so heavy! I was very pleased.
She hesitated, then sweetly said that they were wondering 
if maybe the person I had hired to frame it, 
might possibly have framed it upside down? 
I smiled to myself & assured her that 
I had framed it myself and it was right side up.
But, a reasonable question I thought.

A smile for Tuesday ...

Monday, September 25, 2017

Day 1887: A beautiful philosophy, I think.

Maiko, Geisha series, old print & collage

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Maybe it's because I am broken, 
but aren't most of us in some way?
I love the Japanese custom of Kintsugi!
Nothing is ever truly broken ... that's the philosophy 
behind the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi, which repairs 
smashed pottery by using beautiful seams of gold.

Photo: Tom Slemmons

Kintsugi detail. Photo: Matthew Tyas

The story of Kintsugi 
is said to have begun 
in the 15th century 
when Japanese 
military commander 
Ashikaga Yoshimasa 
broke one of his 
beloved Chinese 
tea bowls and, 
disappointed with 
a shoddy repair job it was treated to, urged Japanese craftsmen to come up 
with a more 
pleasing method of repair.

Translated to “golden joinery,” Kintsugi (or Kintsukuroi, 
which means “golden repair”)  the centuries-old Japanese art  
gives a unique appearance to broken pottery repaired 
with a seam of lacquer and precious metal. 

Painting a Kintsugi pot. Photo: Tom Slemmons

Trust the Japanese to encapsulate the wisdom of the ages 
into a single object. Theirs is a culture with an enviable talent 
for clarity of both thought and communication, and with an 
admirable attitude to what really matters in life.

Images & resource from  BBC Four's Japan season, here.

Lakeside Pottery 
Kintsugi often makes the repaired piece even more beautiful 
than the original, revitalizing it with new life.

Photo: June's Child

If you want more, a wonderful page explaining
the 3 predominant styles of Kintsugi:
 crack, piece method, and joint-call, can be found here.

A smile for Monday ...

dan sha ri

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Day 1886: Buying Peace of Mind?

Therapy girl, junk mail collage journal page

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Friday WonderWoman said to come with her on her errands . Yes!

If she had said to the landfill, the answer would also be, Yes!
She had two returns at South Coast Plaza, she tried on but
didn't buy replacements. She bought lunch for her Mom.
Mom did not get away unscathed.
Mom was much in need of "Peace of Mind"!
I've been out for quite a while. Did it show?
I spoke of this in years earlier blogs here & here.
Several readers tried it & agreed, both male & female. 
So, the Origin's counter had a customer.

A tiny drop on the wrist, then smooched on the other wrist ...

and instant "Peace of Mind".  Lasts all day!

$14 but lasts a year or two, for of peace of mind! Bargain!
I bought four, they make great gifts to have on hand.
I get no discount or reimbursement for this endorsement ...
I am just in search of ...

A quickie flip-book step-by-step ...

step 1-3

Step 1 : the page started with collage paper upper right.
Step 2: then a stroke of acrylic, lower left, let dry, or not.
Step 3: quickly draw a face, come back later

step 4

Step 4: Saw & tried brown dot tissue for hair.
* (I especially like off beat patterns & colors together)
Flipbooks are the perfect place to experiment.

step 4

* (at this point she's not looking great, 
but I keep going & finish the hair)

step 5-6

Step 5: tore tiny pieces for eyes & mouth & played.
* (She will tell you when she likes it)
Step 6: I added a patch of junk mail bottom for ...
balance? Or just because?

Granted some look better plain ...
some work, some don't & sometimes you get lucky!
It's not "rocket surgery" ... so just play.

A smile for Sunday ...