Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Day 2400: Mom tried.

Mom Tried: junk mail collage & digital on postcard

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My Mom tried.  She really did.
I listened, but just couldn't follow through.
She advised that I concentrate on one activity, so I might excel.
There was always more than one thing that had my interest.
If you follow this blog, you probably know that by now?
You never know what you will get in this silly 30 second read.

I juggle several interests & sometimes miss, but am never bored.
Thank you for your patience.

I decided to do a stamp person postcard today.
Not my favorite substrate, as it's hard to really exaggerate. 

I used a real stamp, sometimes I use a photocopy.

I used handmade paper for the two backgrounds.

Using junk mail grey newsprint to start forming the body.

And security envelope liner for his jeans.

Pale pink junk mail for the shirt.

More jun mail for socks, cuffs and jacket.

A Bravo marker for outlining & a Gelli Roll white pen for shoes.

A quick collage on the back & it's ready to address.
I cropped part of it for today's lead art.


A smile for Wednesday ...

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Day 2399: We only had one date.

Sightless: junk mail collage, ink, kanji & digital.

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Ever been kissed by a giraffe? I have.

Meet boyfriend, Ivan.  We only had one date.

Distance. He lives in San Diego, Wild Animal Park.

I've always admired "tall".

It was love at first sight!  You see, I had food!

And when the food was gone, I got a nuzzle on my cheek.

We kept eye contact as the safari wagon moved away.

Yes, there were many animals to see, 
but my heart stayed with Ivan.

Some were somewhat interested.

And some, not so much.

All beautiful.

A great day. Great memories and more stories.
Thanks so much for visiting today.

59 degrees, Sunny, Blue Skies, Santa Ana, CA

A smile for Tuesday ...

Monday, February 18, 2019

Day 2398: A Kendo story.

Honorary: junk mail collage

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I didn't do Kendo.
Oh I would have, if I could have afforded the gear.

Instead I watched every class.

This was forty years ago, on a five week stay in Japan.
I was there for Karate, and we trained M - W - F.
On Tuesday and Thursday the dojo was all Kendo.
I love every thing about Kendo.

 My favorite memory was ...
watching an elderly man come to the dojo.
He looked to be in his 70's or 80's.
Slightly stooped, taking small careful steps.
I heard later that he had been a bus driver.
He donned Kendo gear and seemed taller.
During class, he would inevitably be matched ...
with a young strong hot shot and then ... magic!
The elder became superman, showing the younger ...
the finesse of this art, cultivated over years of training.
I never saw him lose a match.
Then at the end of training...
 he quietly changed back into human clothes 
and stepped slowly out of the dojo. 

So many memories, many stories.
Thank you for visiting.

Puppy Update:

Zoey is now 10 months, and nearly Laker's size.

Laker & Zoey, photo by WonderWoman

And they shared the same chaise lounge to sun this morning.

Laker & Zoey, photo by WonderWoman

It's progress folks!

A smile for Monday ...

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Day 2397: after days of rain ...

Grandpa and Grandma: old photo, collage & digital.

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Back to school for a day.
On a beautiful Saturday, after days of rain ...
the skies were cloudless and a perfect blue.
All the trees were washed and sparkling. 

I had signed up for an all day class in ProCreate.
Procreate is at powerful sketching, painting and 
illustration app designed for mobile 

It's a useful app, but, for me, has a big learning curve and
will require daily practice. My comfort zone is in Photoshop.

The class was offered by Huntington Beach Art League,

taught by Judy Todd who creates amazing fine art with ProCreate. 

Well attended by twenty artists,  all learning and taking notes. 
Have you ever accidentally touched the reverse button 
on you camera and taken a picture of yourself?  Pretty scary!

It was about this time that my brand new iPadPro froze 
in the ProCreate app and I couldn't continue. 
As you can see, I was lost!

The Brain Chemistry of Collage

In Kolaj #24, author, mental health professional, and collage artist Laurie Kanyer considers what is going on in the brain when an artist is making collage.

When an artist creates a collage, they use areas of the brain and body systems that calm the body and tap into creative problem solving.

Additionally, collage making meets emotional needs, providing the artist a tool to identify and express feelings and life experiences. By making a collage, people do not have to be emotionally constipated. It provides provides a way to put into the world events that are too hard or possibly even unsafe to speak out loud. The benefit of the symbolic representation of a feeling is that the creator can express, see and share that feeling in a collage.

Good to know?

A smile for Sunday ...