Saturday, February 24, 2018

Day 2039: ... draw your own box!

Jake Shimabukuro: ink journal page

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I sent WonderWoman this sweet little 3 minute video ...
her response was: "I love it ... draw your own box!"

I thought you might like it too?

Sometimes I get really lucky & get great mail, 
and I think it's surely blog-share worthy!

A postcard from John Arbuckle, Seattle artist & friend. 
What a treat!

A special note from Paso Robles artist & friend, Jeri Wilkinson.
Another treat!

A great necklace from jewelry artist & friend Linda Bucci.
So cool, and she knows I love orange.

And, a mixed-media accordion book 
by Long Beach artist & friend, Connie Owens!

Sometimes the mailman does a great job!
Thank you John, Jeri, Linda & Connie! 
I am blessed indeed.

62 degrees, Clear skies, Santa Ana, CA

A smile for Saturday ...

Friday, February 23, 2018

Day 2038: stops you in your tracks ...

Paige, age 3, photo. collage & digital

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Sometimes you see a photo that "stops you in your tracks" ...

such a photo was this beauty of Paige at age 3.
This black & white photo was posted on Instagram
by her Mom, my friend and artist, Lisa.

I asked Lisa if I could play with it?
Lisa said "yes, of course!"
So I did.

I also asked permission to post on this blog, Lisa again said yes.
Paige is now a beautiful 14 year old young lady,
but looking at that face, that might have been expected. 
Thank you Paige, Lisa & Adam.

A smile for Friday ...

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Day 2037: Unsolicited update on things you may not know.

Spotlight: ink drawing, junk mail collage & digital

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An unsolicited update on things you may not need to know.

How's that for a stretch?
I came home to do this quick random blog ...

and on the way saw these beautiful clouds!

Maybe more stunning because of the blue sky behind?

We're having a cold snap here, at least cold for SoCal ...

Grand-dog Laker found & claimed a slice of sunlight.

The only downside was the lady taking photos ...

"and it doesn't seem like she'll give up easily."

I just want to take a nap! Somebody make her go away?

Sometimes sacrifices are necessary in the making of a blog.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Maui, 2003

A smile for Thursday ...

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Day 2036: What's up with you?

face: ink sketch, journal page. collage & digital

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What's up with you in your neck of the woods?
I am home to do a quick blog #2036 ...
and it probably will be a bit chaotic, but that happens, right?

Then back to Grandma time till Thursday,

that means Grandhunk #3, Laker and me.
Grandhunk #3 is 17 and mostly self-sufficient, so it's mainly ...

But, Monday night I had Grandhunks 1, 2, & 3 plus
Grandhunk #2's girlfriend, who I call "Grand-cutie!"
I've been kicking myself for not taking real photos
which would have made this blog easey-peasy.

WonderWoman & Superman left tons of great leftovers.
Monday night is family meal night together & there was 
lots of warming up, eating with brotherly goofing around, 
Olympics on TV, all going on at the same time & I forgot!
After dinner, I did get a few candid shots ...

Brotherly love shows up in various ways.

Gets quiet when older brothers go home & time for homework.

Laker agrees.


BTW: Monday, 6:15 AM, Anaheim Hills, CA ... 31 degrees!
Even Siri said "Brrr - 31 degrees!"

A smile for Wednesday ...