Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Day 1553:There's a wedding on the horizon ...

"guys are hard", marker,& junk mail collage on a journal page

There's a wedding on the horizon ... not me, but I'll be there.
In fact, at their request, I am officiating the ceremony.
I have done this only once before  ...
& Norma suggested I share that story.


In 2005, Brandon & Courtney asked me to marry them.
I thought they were crazier than I had thought.
I refused. A minister, rabbi or priest marries you, right?
It turns out in our modern age, anyone ...
and I am proof, anyone can get certified to marry people.
That took away one excuse. My next excuse was ...
I didn't want to upset their traditional family that I love.
They sent Grandma & Grandpa Nomura to see me.

Mr and Mrs. Tom Nomura

"Please marry the kids, we'd like that".
They don't play fair! I would do anything they asked.
And so, on a beautiful SoCal September day ...

Courtney & her Dad approach the wedding spot

at Inspiration Point above Corona Del Mar & the Pacific
Courtney & Brandon were married ... 


 witnessed by about a total of 
30 family & very close friends.
The men of the family held a 
tall bamboo staff symbolizing
their role as family support.

The women held a 
Japanese parasol symbolizing
their traditional role to protect.
It was both stunningly
symbolic and beautiful.
I so admired that they did 
their wedding their way.


the vows

Julie, Meagan, Courtney, Brandon, Jean & Craig


I was humbled & honored but
 I didn't plan to ever take 
on that role again.

Now, sister Megan asked if I would marry she & Mike.
I have known this young lady for her whole life.
They too are planning a small wedding, their way.
I asked permission to mention it here, and they said yes.
I will share more later.
So wish me luck, I'll try not to mess it up.

A smile for Wednesday ...

(this is especially for Courtney & Brandon)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Day 1552: Cool mail and junk mail ...

"girl 9", ink, acrylic & junk mail collage on journal page

Cool surprise when I opened my mailbox today ...

Brandy sent me one of her beautiful postcards ...

what a special treat! Thank you Brandy!

I am still working in my journal ...


a quick ink sketch in my journal, & a few scrapes of acrylic ...

 then newspaper & junk mail.
Not completely satisfied, I see places I could change 
or maybe improve, but I am stopping. 
It's just a journal page.
After all, it's not "rocket surgery"!


72 degrees, rainy day ;o), Santa Ana, CA


A smile for Wednesday ...

Monday, October 24, 2016

Day 1551: I get to meet the nicest people!

"girl 6", ink, watercolor & junk mail collage on a journal page

Sunday was the all day class mentioned here,

I took the 22 freeway to the 405, got off at Western and on to  ...

Destination: Art  A really cool gallery & artist co-operative, 
just 2 years old, alive with artist studios, gallery & classes.

Located in Old Towne Torrance ...
Today was a day of collage & mixed media.

by Elana

We used the first hour to loosen up and have fun ...
making "stamp people". 

 Using a postage stamp for a head ...
and exaggerating body proportions for fun.

Next, on to mixed media!


After a quick demonstration ...

with various papers, graphite & acrylics ... we got to work.

by Rita

Artists were asked to bring several canvases to play with ...

by Jan

and to experiment ...

by Lorraine

by Lois

by Rebecca

by Farla

by Joanne               

by Elana

by Jan

by Lois

by Bea

by Lois

I was so impressed by their individuality ... 
& amazing work.
I get to meet the nicest people!

A smile for Monday ...