Monday, January 31, 2022

Day 3452: Young Talent.



"Sisters": tissue collage, 2005.  Owned by Ms. Jane Ice.


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 Cal Cole may be only 18 years old, but he's already getting attention for his time slice photography. The British student recently saw his creative photo of a pylon go viral on Reddit, which was a welcome surprise. One look at the photo and it's no surprise that it garnered so much attention.

 Cole cleverly used the pylon as a sort of stained glass window. Indeed, its geometric architecture makes the perfect frame for the different colors of the sky that Cole photographed over the course of an hour. In total, 14 photographs were used to craft the image, which Cole says he is heavily influenced by the work of artist Alex Hyner. The post-production process took about five or six hours; and, initially, Cole wasn't quite sure what to make of the result.

 “For a long time, I wasn’t sure how well it would turn out,” Cole tells My Modern Met. “But I sent the image to my friends— something I always do as they give me an honest opinion—and they said it was one of my best photos. That’s when I realized it was something I was very happy with.”

18-year-old Cal Cole shared how he edited his viral time slice photo, from 14 photos.

The final result is an image that shows the stunning colors of the sky.

And, some of photographer Cole's other time slice photos.

 As for what the future holds, Cole is not quite sure. What he does know is that he hopes to embark on a creative career either in film, photography, or graphic design. Given what he's accomplished so far, we're sure that he'll reach his goal.

More young talent ...

Raise a glass to..

Photo credit: The Doodle Boy

Twelve-year-old Joe Whale, also known as 'The Doodle Boy," who signed a deal with Nike for "some special projects." Joe's unique, lively style has earned him more than 119,000 Instagram followers and a solo show at a gallery in his hometown of Shrewsbury, central England. He also got a shout-out from Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, after he drew an illustration of their royal train tour in December 2020.


A great 5-minute video, Oh Happy Dayhere.

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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Day 3451: Everyday.



"everyday": junk mail collage.


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Natural Phenomenon Transforms Hummingbird’s Wings into Tiny Rainbows

all photos by Christian Spencer

Artist and photographer Christian Spencer was standing on his verandah in Rio de Janeiro when he made an amazing discovery. When the black Jacobin hummingbird flew with the sun striking its open wings, a beautiful prism effect appeared. It was as if its body was made of rainbows.

  “I decided to try and photograph the same phenomenon with my camera,” he shares with My Modern Met. The resulting series is called Winged Prism, and for Spencer, the images reveal “a secret of nature that cannot be seen with our eyes.”

Although Winged Prism seems too magical to be true, Spencer says that there wasn't any digital manipulation involved. “There is no special technique,” he explains, “just diffraction of light through the wings of this special hummingbird.” The awe-inspiring beauty it produces is what makes these images so special. “Nobody ever could have ever dreamed that this was a reality,” he says.




Update ...

I got up early, early morning to watch the Women's tennis final at the Australian Open. It was good!


Ashleigh Barty Australia's first Champion in 44 years.

She defeated a hard working Danielle Collins. I was especially impressed by Barty's composure and sportsmanship. Next for the men's final.

Rafael Nadal, Spain, 35, has already had some hard matches at the Australian Open. He goes into the men's final against Danill Medvedev, 25 year old Russian. ( 3 min. video pre-game video, here.) Much is made of Nadal going for his 21st Grand Slam title, but I thought his thoughts below, bespeaks the man he is.

"I am super satisfied and feel very lucky person in general for all the things that happen to me in this life. I have a way to approach life. You can't be always be frustrated if the neighbor has a bigger house than you or a better phone or better things. I am not going to be frustrated if Novak or Roger finished the career with more Grand Slams than me. Let's enjoy the situation that we did, every one of us, we did very special things in our sport. Let's enjoy that."

Press conference, Australia Open, January 25, 2022 


An amazingarticle, 660' home for 4here.

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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Day 3450: Victoria.



"Victoria Woodhull": old photo, junk mail collage, digital.



Victoria Claflin Woodhull (1838-1927) was born into poverty in an abusive household, and was married to an alcoholic womanizer at age 15. After she divorced him, Woodhull went on to own a newspaper, become the first woman to own a Wall Street stock brokerage and was an American leader of the women's suffrage movement. In 1872, she became the first woman to run for President of the United States, choosing Frederick Douglass as her running mate.



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Minnie Mouse is trading her iconic red dress ...


for a new look


For the first time in her nearly century-long life, Minnie Mouse will add a pantsuit to her wardrobe. And it won't be just any old pair of tailored slacks, but an iconic silhouette from British fashion designer Stella McCartney. (1, here.)

Though a sneak peek of Minnie's new sartorial statement hit the internet early, her full makeover will be unveiled in March to commemorate two different dates: International Women's Day and the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris. 
"Minnie has always had a special place in my heart," McCartney said in a press video shared with CNN. "We share the same values, and what I love about Minnie is that she personifies happiness, self-expression, she has such great style."

Minnie ditching her famed red dress comes on the heels of news that the green M&M has traded her white go-go boots for comfortable sneakers. And while a fictional female character finally getting a new outfit might not seem like a divisive topic, the Minnie announcement has been met with mixed feedback, including a critical segment on Fox News featuring host Jesse Walters and Candace Owens.


Whatever ...

I am a B, does this sound like me?
B: If your heart line starts between the middle finger and index finger, you’re a considerate and kind person. You’re hesitant and cautious with new people and find it hard to trust but people tend to naturally trust you. You use common sense in decisions and weigh up the pros and cons before jumping into anything. You have a lot of friends from all kinds of backgrounds.3


A pretty 3-minute video, blooming flowershere.

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White-crowned Robin


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