Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day 796: A time to be tested ...

junk mail collage

Last Sunday, at the hombu dojo, 

Demura Sensei had annual advanced black belt level testing.

Sixteen who received invitations to test, tested.

16 men, 3 women (... I counted)

Testing followed by critiques ...

and relief.

Everyone is happy
when the test is done.

A great group on a great day.

Thank you Demura Sensei.

A smile for Tuesday ...

Monday, September 29, 2014

Day 795: I feel like a little kid who snuck into the circus!

junk mail & magazine collage

I do. 
I feel like a little kid who snuck into the circus!
Well that alone should date me, but it's true.
I was surprised this morning to see I am featured here 

on an outstanding online magazine site.
I have followed and been inspired by their wonderful 
selection of truly fine artists. A joy to behold.
So to be included is both flattering and humbling.

acrylic,  gesso & ink journal spread

I just want to thank Thomas LaBadia and Kim Draper
whose goal is connect, inspire, share & create ...
and they do it beautifully.

junk mail book pages & magazine collage

If you want to see mine, or many artist's work,  click on ...

A smile for today ...

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Day 794: I had big plans!

junk mail, magazine & drawing collage

I did.  I had big plans for today.
I would go to the annual Irvine  ...

A fun one-day festival celebrating 
the international cultures of nearby Irvine.

The faces and foods ...

and every kind of entertainment ...

and International vendors ...

I have gone before, but sorry to have missed this special day.
At least we can see what I missed.
A smart person once said ...
"If you want to make God smile ... tell him your plans."

Happy Weekend !

A smile for Sunday ...

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Day 793: Journal pursuit.

"Pursuit",  junk mail & drawing

There's something about the ASW journal class series
I have taught four series this year at Catalyst.
Four - two and a half hour classes on ...
consecutive weekly, weekday mornings.

photo by ASW/Jennie Wellmore

An experimental idea by my boss, the beautiful, Rebecca. 
When ASW hired me to teach journalling, 
it was Rebecca who had that vision.

And it has been magical, 


Brownie points & a song, when you come to class on your birthday!





textural ...


and fun!

Today was the fourth and last class, and as usual ... 
many said ...   "what will we do now?"
We will do it again, soon.
Meanwhile, please have a happy weekend.

A smile for Saturday ...