Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Day 2288: Happy Halloween!

hero: old photo, collage, ink &digital. (18x24")

Amelia Earhart has always been a hero in our family.

She taught my Mom to fly at Purdue University, late 1930's.
And, young WonderWoman had the doll.

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Happy Halloween!

Are you dressed up?
I saved some cuties to share & maybe get you in the mood?

The Florida or AZ retirees ...

the cat lady ...

the Slurpee ...

 the guilty baby ...

the Cabbage Patch kid ...

the Starbucks beverage ...

 and the gumball machine.


Thanks so much for visiting today, I do appreciate you,
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Another puppy update:
For those who visit often, you may remember
my grand-puppy, Zoey at 8 weeks?

There have been many photos & videos in between,
but here is Miss Zoey at 7 months.

The football has faded some, but is still the same size. Zoey isn't.

The football is about the only toy that hasn't been destroyed, yet.

A smile for Wednesday ...

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Day 2287: What you might have seen today if you were ...

maiko: collage, ink, acrylic (5-1/2x 8")

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What you might have seen today if you were in Zionsville, Indiana.
Zionsville is a suburban town located in the southeast area of Boone County, Indiana, United States, northwest of Indianapolis. The population was 26,710 in 2017.

all photos by Michelle Howden

My cousin Donna forwarded me the above photo 
by her daughter, my cousin Michelle.
Always on the lookout for good stuff to share,
I e-mailed Michelle to see if I could share.
She kindly said "absolutely" and sent more.

all photos by Michelle Howden

    Michelle said, "the colors seem particularly vibrant this year.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Day 2286: ..."too good not to share" department.

Patti: photo. collages & digital.

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From the "too good not to share" department ...

In Japan, where it rains a lot this time of year, 
people love to talk about the weather. 
The Japanese language has over 50 nouns for rain. 
The Japanese design studio Nendo chose just 20 words
for rain and artistically captured each in a bottle.
They used clear acrylic bottle to create delicate dioramas to
illustrate the different types of rain.
The installation wascreated in response to considering 
the relationship between language and design. 
This installation was on display
earlier this month at Maison & Objet in Paris,

nendo rain bottle (2)
mizore  meaning rain mixed with snow

nendo rain bottle (4)
left: niwaka-ame  meaning a sudden rainfall

nendo rain bottle (5)
left: kisame meaning rain that falls off tree branches | right: shigure meaning autumn rain

I thought you might enjoy seeing this, too?


And one more ...
from the "too good not to share" department ...

Almost Perfect

100-Year Old Tokyo Rice Shop Converted to a Space for Creatives

all photos by Brian Scott Peterson

Tokyo based illustrator Luis Mendo would often travel to the neighborhood of Asakusabashi to pick up sketchbooks. 
And over time he began falling in love with the creative and artistic vibe of the town. He and his wife Yuka were weary of feeling isolated in Shinjuku. Their tight apartment was putting a strain on their love for hosting artist friends from overseas. So when they stumbled onto a 100-Year old building that formerly housed a rice shop, it immediately checked so many boxes for them. 
It was almost perfect.

After some renovations, Almost Perfect opened in Octobe 2018.
  An essentially a short-term residency program for foreign creatives who want to come to Japan to learn, be inspired and display their work. The 1st floor serves as a gallery and cafe space. Luis & Yuka added a  wall to showcase art and kept the old rice machines in place as a tribute to the owner’s past hours of labor.

the 1st floor exhibition and cafe space

The 2nd floor has been completely renovated and now functions as a sleeping quarters for the resident artist, as well as a shared office space. The top and 3rd floor is where Luis and Yuka reside.
Built right after the 1923 Kanto earthquake, the 100-year old building survived the WWII bombings and is in surprisingly great shape with lots of old elements remaining as a nod to its past. Almost Perfect has already completed its 1st residency with French comic artist Charles Berberian and is currently hosting their 2nd creative resident, British photographer Hugo Tillman.

the resident creative’s sleeping quarters

the 2nd floor residency and studio

If you’re interested in becoming a resident, 
check out their website.
How cool is that?

A smile for Monday ...