Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Day 3297: Another family birthday.



"Uncle Skete": old photo, digital collage.


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"Uncle Skete, photo & digital

When I think of Uncle Skete, I smile. I really do.
His real name was Russel, but I called him Uncle Skete? He was third born in a family of 10 children. He began farming as a very young boy. 

His Dad gave him young horses to break and 
use as his own. He drove a horse/buggy 7 miles 
to Lebanon High School each day.

not sure?, Uncle Owen, Uncle Jerry, Uncle Skete, Uncle Pete & Grandpa

5 years older than Aunt Fern, my Mom's eldest sister,
he was out of high school before Aunt Fern started

Uncle Skete, Aunt Fern, Aunt Pauline, Uncle Owen, Aunt Martha, Uncle Jerry & Grandpa

Uncle Skete and Aunt Fern were sweethearts
for many years before marrying in 1925.

Wedding day, 1925

Aunt Fern finished her first year of teaching
and they were married the next day.
She went on to be a Principal and poet.

They had one daughter, my cousin, Katha.
There were married over 50 years.

Personally, when I think of Uncle Skete,
I can hear his laugh as I picture him in his chair ...

after a long day working his farm.

3 year young WW with Uncle Skete on the farm, 1977

Special memories of a wonderful man. 

Today is his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Uncle Skete!



A  sweet 4-minute video, Man & Dog trip, here.

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Streaked Soiderhunter



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Monday, August 30, 2021

Day 3296: Birthday wishes.



"5 kid on the farm pony": Aunt Vonda, Aunt Fern, Uncle Pete, Aunt Martha & Aunt Pauline: old photo, collage  & digital



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Today is Aunt Vonda's birthday.
A special lady to so many of us. We loved her so, and you would have loved her too.

Eighth born in a family of ten children ...

Grandpa & Grandma

Seven children survived, four were teachers.

back row: Aunt Vonda, Uncle Pete, Aunt Martha, Uncle Les, Aunt Pauline, front: Aunt Fern, Grandpa, Grandma & Mom

Uncle Pete & Aunt Vonda

Mom, Aunt Vonda & Uncle Pete

Aunt Vonda & Uncle Pete

Grandma, Aunt Vonda, Kate Richardson, Aunt Pauline, Aunt Fern

As a young teacher, she met & married Uncle Kenneth ...


who went to war ... and she followed. 

She lost her one true love, and never remarried.
  After, she gave her love to family, friends and students.

Aunt Vonda, like her sisters, was a great teacher. From one room school house to modern classrooms.  A teacher who played ball with the kids at recess. I am lucky to have all of her school photos from over the years.

She saved them & the names of every student she ever taught. Later, after retiring, she would visit her nieces.
Aunt Vonda & Aunt Martha, Palm Springs, CA

The kind of Aunt who knew where you kept your silverware. Not just at my house, but at all the cousins.

Aunt Vonda & Aunt Martha on the way to the Rose Parade , Pasadena, CA. 1971

Aunt Vonda was, in my opinion, one of God's two best creations.

WW & Aunt Vonda 1990

I admired her in more ways that I can ever count.
But one was the day she danced with Daffy Duck. 

Aunt Vonda would fly out each year from Indiana 
to join us for the young WonderWoman's birthday.
On this occasion, we went shopping at the Brea Mall. We were in the food court deciding what to eat. Suddenly loud music came over the speakers, and ...

a big, human-size Daffy Duck appeared! He moved through the big crowd and danced straight to Aunt Vonda!

He extended his hand or wing I guess?

And Aunt Vonda, without missing a beat, she
took his hand/wing & they danced off into the food court! On and on, it was as if they did that every day.

Daffy had found a soul mate.
Everyone applauded.
A special day & a great memory.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Vonda!





A fun 2-1/2 minute video, Going for it?, here.

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Aunt Vonda had a canary songbird like this in her kitchen, named Bing.


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 Aunt Martha and Aunt Vonda

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