Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 11 I have a problem with Moderation ...

When I work on the computer I go into "tunnel vision" mode, and too often sit for hours.  I then pay for it anatomically, when I walk away like Quasimodo.  I have added a computer voice giving me the time every half hour, but more often than not, 
I say thank you and continue.

I have invested in a new extractor, which is going to whirl me into a super healthy dynamo.  To this end I went to ARIA, my local international supermarket.  A former K-Mart site, this is a huge venue, with more of everything than I have ever seen.  I will add that I went at lunch time, and I was hungry.



This is not an ad for the store, these are my actual i-phone photos, from my kitchen as I unloaded, which was in itself, a herculean task.  The next task is the cleaning and preparing.  I bought a lot of spinach, shown above cooking. Do you know how long it takes just to clean 2 bundles of kale and 2-1/2 pounds of spinach? The persian cucumbers were already cleaned and seasoned before I remembered to take the photo, same with the strawberries. You may be imagining a family of six or eight?  No,  just me folks.  
I could go on,  but you get the idea.  
I am just not skilled in moderation.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 10 Have you ever had a "bad hair" day?

From time to time I am asked to teach classes at various venues. One such venue is the ARTbar.

The ARTbar is located in the historical Santora building, in the popular Artist's District in the Old Town part of Santa Ana, CA.  
 I had done design work for owner, Nicole Steinman for previous businesses, and was asked to design the identity, and subsequent advertising for the ARTbar.   I mention this, because it is a special place. It is a store, yes.  But it is more than classes and eye candy.  It makes art available to everybody, at whatever level needed.  
I am no longer on the payroll but I do teach classes occasionally, so this endorsement comes from the heart not the wallet.

In 2006, I was teaching one of my "Rip Roaring Collage" classes,  and was telling the students that they could reuse canvases.  To this point, I brought out a 24" x24" purple canvas with a really ugly red tulip, bought for $4 at a local thrift store.  I said I would attempt a collage and at the end of the class we critiqued my then titled,  "Bad Hair Day".

Ever had a bad hair day?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 9 : All Media 2012

Just home from this annual juried show at the Irvine Fine Arts Center. Tonight was the opening reception, and so 
I have tried to take photos to give you an idea of what I saw.

 It's a lovely facility,
with flowers and light refreshments. I forgot to take my food picture until after I had devoured most of my light refreshments. Note to self, eat after taking pictures.

I liked this small ceramic piece by Kazem Arshi, 6" x 5"  titled Tumbling Teapot  $375.

My favorite was a mixed media entry by Lisa Dallendorfer, titled "Staving off Dementia", 34" x 36" and $1200.

An intricate, elegant assemblage of 54 origami cubes, divided by dark bamboo poles and fastened with hanging threads and silver washers, supported by a minimal metal frame. The artist was kind enough to let me photograph. I should have mentioned that the paper used in making the cubes were "used" suduko puzzles, and so the variance in the colors was achieved by the age of the paper.

I am sorry that my photos do not do justice. I now know not to use Instagram on intricate subjects.

One more photo, titled "all gone" . . .

Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 8 : The Request

I have received a request!  Marilyn's husband, Mike, said I should post my photo of an old work shoe.  How he remembered it, I am not sure,  but I dug it out from May 2006.

This lone well-worn shoe was on the fence, 
in the backyard, behind a featured 1930's home on a historic 
home tour. Our town has an "Old Towne" section, where the houses are small and the lots are deep.  Lots of space.

I took a lot of photos that day. But, I find that I shot odd things. This shot from inside the home's only bathroom is one of my favorites. I am not sure why? 

Marilyn gave me a blog lesson today, so I now know how to post a picture not in the center, and even to write beside it. Knowledge is wonderful. Thanks you for your patience, Marilyn.

     Any requests? Is anyone there?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 7: Posting a blog has had some benefits ...

Posting a blog has had some benefits I hadn't anticipated. Though less than a week in "blog-land", I have heard daily from special people in my life . Today I heard from two of my four cousins. Both my parents were from Indiana, so most of my relatives live there. They are suffering a severe heat wave and drought. I feel humor is so important, especially when the circumstances are beyond our control. I am blessed with a wonderful family, cousin Donna sent me an "Indiana rain gauge" ...

And, back in 2001, I took a journaling class which utilized this popular book ...

in this class we were asked to do timelines. This meant going back and figuring what was going on in our lives at specific ages. In order to do this, I went to old family photos. This was a writing task, but since I had just completed with a graphic design and visual communication degree, I asked and was allowed to do the assignments digitally. Today I resurrected these old files and have decided to post one of my timelines. It may be "TMI" as they say, but it does speak to what I do and where I am from. Maybe you can let me know if this has any interest to you?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 6: I remember my Mother telling me ...

I remember my Mother telling me that if I would pick just one thing to focus on, I could be outstanding. I remember it so clearly. As if it wasn't eons ago. I think of the tiny gymnastic wizards that will perform in London, my mother would have approved. I guess it made sense on some level, but I wasn't willing to pick just one.

So even now, I still jump from flower to flower, possibly being less than I could at just one, but happy with the variety. I have just come from my karate training, and now I will hunt up a collage to post here before I focus on reading, and then my journal. Makes sense to me.

See you tomorrow with more variety.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 5: On "Day One" of this fledgling blog ...

On "Day One" of this fledgling blog I took a picture of the survivor orchid blooming in my yard. Today I looked out, and there are now three orchids. A family of survivors. I have taken their picture.

Years ago I used to buy orphaned plants at the grocery store for a quarter and take them home. Do they still sell them like that? I don't go to the grocery store as much anymore. Anyway, I would just find a spot in the yard where they would be watered and then they were on their own. Most of the time, they would go from the scrawny things I brought home, to thriving plants. One is now a tree. It wasn't that I had any magical touch, but it seemed that just being given a second chance did the trick? There's a moral in there somewhere.

I started today with a message from a favorite former student, Gaby. She is a beautiful, accomplished young lady who wrote to say she identified with my post on my proficiency in procrastination. When you put it like that, it almost seems like a skill? She has a high-powered job after a bachelor, master and doctoral scholastic career. This "blog-thing" may be alright when it results in my hearing from such special people. Thank you blog world.

I am going to try to post one of my pieces of artwork each day, just to give them a second chance? Sometimes we all need a second chance? This is a small collage, titled "rough".

Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 4: Today seems the most difficult so far.

Today seems the most difficult so far. I read today's paper. Part stalling, part searching for a plan. Then I looked at the horoscope. You don't do that, do you? Well I did and here's what it said ...

No ego? My "zero-ing in-er" isn't functioning, so I will just post a couple of recent collages that suit my present state, sort of abstract and jumbled.

Tomorrow will be a better day. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 3: I am behind on my art work.

I am behind on my art work. If you read earlier posts, 
you know I am an accomplished procrastinator.
I am so skilled that I can put off starting till the last possible 
nano-second before meeting a deadline. This sounds like I am bragging, but it is a regrettable fact. So much so, that my daughter, who grew up watching this bad habit, resolved to be the opposite. Right now you could look in her house and find a beautifully wrapped gift for someone's birthday, weeks in advance. 
This amazes me, and I am jealous.

I am posting my most recent mixed media, Angelina. 
Mainly magazines with some gesso and tissue.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 2: Today should be easier ...

Today should be easier, but it is definitely harder. 
I now know how much I didn't know yesterday.
First of all, "kaizen" needs clarity. 
I learned it to mean to try a little harder each day. 
I have used the term with my students in the past. 
I like it because it is doable. And so, I will try to do a little better
each day as I bumble through blog-land.

I am told I need a tag or a label so you will know 
what this blog is about, so here's my plan.

Today I went to my eldest grandson's freshman basketball tournament. As we sat in the bleachers before the game, I gazed down at his amazing tennis shoes.  I whipped out the i-phone and took a couple of Instagrams so you could see.

These are size 13-1/2 and he is 14 years young.  How amazing to have your shoe size and age almost the same. Then I began to smile. Imagine if my shoe size matched my age. I like to smile.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 1 : A little 'kaizen" please ...

Hello out there? I am jumping in without planning, 
typing skills or blog knowledge but 
determined to get this show on the road. 
A little patience will be necessary on both ends 
as I struggle and learn through my mistakes.

Like you, I have a myriad of interests and views. 
I intend to spill them all out, freeing space for new stuff 
and see what happens. 
To start a blog has been on my to-do list for over three years. 
So to say I am a procrastinator is the ultimate understatement. 
I am wondering what to post first, but if I wait for that special "inspirational, perfect thing" I will continue to wait?

So, I am posting an Instagram photo from my yard. 
It's of an orchid that wasn't making it inside and 
instead of throwing it out, I put it in my yard near a sprinkler, 
and, in time,  it just bloomed! 
I love that and hope this blog can follow that path.