Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Day 1994: A perfect rainy day with Carole

Rainy day: i-photo

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A rare rainy day in SoCal, and I love rainy days anywhere.
There was a list on my desk noting my tasks for the day.
But it's raining folks, and that needs to be celebrated!

I texted busy friend, Carole, "are you free for lunch?"
She responded "this week looks good, what day?"
I replied "today, Thursday or Friday?'
She replied "Today is okay after 1 PM?"
I answered, " How about 1:15 at Tanakaya?"
Carole replied, "Okay 1:15, rainy day, cool!"

So she ditched her paperwork and me, mine
and we met for comfort food & catching up at 

Tanakaya specializes in less widely-known Japanese favorites 
and capturing their authentic flavors. The menu focuses on three items: Donburi (a large bowl of rice topped with your choice of eight different toppings), Udon (large wheat flour noodles with broth) and Soba (thinner buckwheat noodles with broth).
Carole and I both chose the Tonkatsu lunch.




Carole & I have been special friends for nearly 40 years.
There may be long spaces between out get-togethers,
but we always pick up where we left off and
there never seems to be enough time together.
In fact we closed this restaurant today, literally.

A perfect rainy day with Carole,

Seattle is home to a great mixed media artist & friend ...

John Arbuckle.
You can see his work on his daily blog here, and ...
 our fun 4 day NB art retreat in 2016, here, here, here & here.

John is coming to SoCal next month
and will be at Lisa Heaney's beautiful venue for ...

"Urgent C – A Shabby Chic Art Journaling"
February 6, 7, and 8, 2018

Come along on an art journey as we meander through the world of mixed media with artist John Nelson Arbuckle.  In this workshop we will explore exciting mixed-media and collage techniques that will enhance your art experiences in refreshing and exciting ways.  In just three days you will create an amazing shabby chic journal using paper, gesso, a variety of paints, ephemera, inks, recyclable materials, and much more.
Everyone has a story to tell through art.  You might already have a million ideas to express or perhaps you don’t have a clue. Maybe you even have a fear of the blank white page.  With John you are guaranteed to find and express your art story.  Not only will you learn exciting techniques, but you will have an opportunity to participate in a mixed-media community of eager artists.  Join us for this creative journey.
Materials fee for the 3 day class: $395 plus $25 (art supply fee) to cover paper and several other mixed-media needs, $420 total.  A participant supply list will be provided upon registration.
Skill Level:  Beginners to experienced artists              Our host: Lisa Heaney
To register for this class contact John Arbuckle at for details.  
Payment for the class is due at registration and is nonrefundable.  If for some reason you can’t attend the workshop a refund will be given only if you find another participant to take your place.  More information about John can be found

I've been in John's classes and you will be in for 3 great days!
I am signing up, so I'll be there!

A smile for Wednesday ...

WW received a group text, "it was a friend on fb. She watched little preschool age kids, but I just could t resist. "

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