Friday, October 21, 2016

Day 1548: Our final day, a bit weary but victorious!

"news face", ink, newspaper & gluestick on journal page

Our final day, a bit weary but victorious!

It's was a magical four days, here, here & here ...
so on our final day we 4 had an early breakfast at a LB diner
then headed for the Long Beach Antique Market.

With 800 vendors, rain or shine, it is rated the
"ONE OF TOP 5 SWAP MEETS" by various publications.

funny aside? ...

I texted the picture above left to 
WonderWoman, she replied ...

"Leave the nice people alone mom ..."

see us in the mirror?

                            Irene and I both wanted to rescue this horse ...
I hope somebody took him home.

And an invitation from my bosses at ASW & CATALYST ...


In order to be there at 6 PM, 
I left home at 5 PM to allow for traffic.
Good thing. 
One hour to go 21 miles on the 55 & 22 freeways.
We have this area called the "Orange Crush" 
... appropriately named. 

6:15 PM Westminster, CA ... 95 degrees!

 getting ready for their big sale, ARTOBERFEST ... 

so if you're in the area, it's really worth the drive! 
Happy Friday!

A smile for Friday ...

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