Thursday, October 20, 2016

Day 1547: Brian came and then we were 4.

Newport, junk mail collage

Brian was back from Florida & then we were 4.

We walked to Alta ...

for a really great & leisurely breakfast.
Walked across the street & shopped a little ...

and took some family pictures.

Then back to our 4 day home to work! 

John drying a stack journal page

journal prompt pages in progress

Brian and Irene working on journal prompts

Of course there were occasional breaks.

Irene, Brian & John

And still missing you Terry, wishing you were here too.
By late afternoon it was time for a walk on the beach ...

just a block from our house.

And, magical!

We wanted to get a family pic of all 4, and luckily ...
we met the beautiful Christina & Karina, 
Newport Harbor HS exchange students from Norway.

They kindly became our photographers.

We walked on, the air cooling & we are getting hungry.

After dumping the sand from our shoes, we walked into town.

A happy, hungry 4 crossing Newport Boulevard 
with the sun setting behind,

on our way to the Crab Cooker

... a local legend.

A long walk home in the dark accompanied by stories.
We did some art work, but we were tired,
and needed to pack & clean up as ...
we had to be up early to check out Sunday morning.
Tune in tomorrow for the Long Beach Antique Market!
Our 4th & last day of this great adventure. 
Thank you for stopping by.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

as Edward Scissorhands, Halloween at Costa Mesa Dojo, 1996

A smile for Thursday ...

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