Saturday, May 19, 2018

Day 2123: The story of the lumpy couch.

frenzy: acrylic, ink photo & digital

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TMI alert?

About 2005, I gladly inherited a brown leather couch & love seat.

Beautiful leather, but ...

with lumpy couch cushions, really lumpy.

You see there is a history.

Back in about 2002 when the three Grandhunks were little ...

these cushions were a landing pad for their little knees!
They would launch into a run, landing on that leather couch.
It was one of their favorite indoor activities.

It was at about this age, where the couch got daily workouts!

GH #2, Superman, GH #1, WonderWoman, GH #3, 2002

So, a couch that might be an eyesore to some, 
is a constant reminder to me.

There is a matching love seat too, 
but it was left unscathed.

GH #1 & GH #3, 2014

And guess who else still loves the lumpy couch?
Sometimes beat up and lumpy can be a good thing.

A smile for Saturday ...

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