Saturday, October 1, 2022

Day 3695: Cake and Pumpkins.

"Courage": junk mail collage.

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US woman sends resume on cake to Nike; internet divided

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US woman sends resume on cake to Nike

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 Woman sends Nike, resume on cake.

Creativity in job applications is often effective. A woman from North Carolina, Karly Blackburn has set a new standard, with mixed reviews.

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Blackburn had set her mind to a job at Nike, having failed to reach out to her dream organization, decided to get creative. Blackburn decided that instead of sending her resume the traditional way, she would instead send it on a cake to the Nike World Headquarters in the state of Oregon. 

With the help of Denise Baldwin, an Instacart driver, Blackburn did just that. After some research, she decided to send the cake on the day she knew a party would be at the headquarters. Blackburn explained how (despite being asked to leave the cake on a front desk) Baldwin resolved to get the cake into the right hands. The single mother to three (and with another child due in March) made her way through Nike Headquarter’s 300-acre property with the sheet cake in one hand and her 8-month-old son in the other. With the help of security, Baldwin eventually zeroed in on the proper destination and got to making the final drop-off.

Appreciative and impressed by Baldwin’s determination, Blackburn suggested that she and Baldwin set out to find new jobs together. In the weeks since their first call about the cake, Blackburn and Baldwin have developed a mentorship. With Blackburn’s guidance, Baldwin set up a LinkedIn, and thanks to the popularity of the cake story, she’s already getting some interest. 


Are you ready for pumpkins?

I can't believe that today is October 1st! 
 Pumpkin pie, lattes, pancakes, bread, and more. Stores have had their pumpkins out and ready for awhile.WW had hers out last week! I am late.


A sweet 6+minute video, Castawayhere.

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Andean Condor


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Anonymous said...

Thank you Jacki. Im craving pumpkin pie!

elenor said...

We all need courage right now, but some need more of it.
Hope you had a nice meeting with your grandson.
Have a nice Sunday, Jacki.

jacki long said...

Thank you Anonymous! Happy Pumpkin pie!!

jacki long said...

Thank you, Elenor! Yes, just a couple of hours but so special to me.
You'll see in tomorrow's blog. Happy Sunday!

john said...

I have said it before but negative space is so important in your work. :-)