Sunday, October 2, 2022

Day 3696: The world and a parade.

"Turmoil": ink, watercolor.

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Visualized: World’s Population at 8 Billion

At some point in late 2022, the eight billionth human being will enter the world, ushering in a new milestone for humanity.

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In just 48 years, the world population has doubled in size, jumping from four to eight billion. Of course, humans are not equally spread throughout the planet, and countries take all shapes and sizes. The visualizations in this article aim to build on how eight billion people are distributed around the world.

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Tiller Days in Tustin, CA

 Early last week I got a text from Grandhunk #2 ...

GH#2 decided American Grub in downtown Tustin.

We neither one knew that it was "Tiller Days" in Tustin, but we soon realized when access to Old Town was blocked off and we parked a couple of blocks away. We arrived just in time for the parade. 
All the feel of a small town parade, armed forces, junior and high school bands, politicians in convertibles, cheerleader, assorted floats and novelty cars. Just fun. Families and spectators sat or stood nearby, many with dogs

We ate outside of American Grub and could still see.

  GH#2 loves wings! (I tested one) He also got fries...
an Antonio burger and ...
I got the pulled pork sandwich with potato salad.
At the end of El Camino Real Street there were all kindss of rides and booths at Columbus Park.


We went for lunch but got a lot more! Big happenings in a small town. It is still open Sunday if you are in the vicinity? 
A sweet 6+minute video, Castawayhere.

Just because ...
Spotted Pardalote

Smiles for Sunday ...





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john said...

This piece spoke to me as The Perfect Storm. Trouble brewing for sure! :-)

elenor said...

I see danger is in the air. Take care ...
So nice to see you had some joyful hours with GH#2.

Have a good start into the next week, Jacki.

jacki long said...

Thank you, John.
Yes, I think we are ready for some clear skies and good news.

jacki long said...

Thank you, Elenor. Wishing you a great day today and a terrific,
healthy week ahead for you and your beautiful family.