Sunday, October 16, 2022

Day 3710: Rescue and Salt.


"Missile attacks": junk mail collage.

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2GN2S ... 

Pregnant firefighter rescues woman trapped in car — then gives birth

Maryland firefighter Megan Warfield is wired to help others. So when the pregnant 30-year-old was a passenger involved in a multi-car collision earlier this month, she brushed aside her labor contractions to save a person trapped in their vehicle.

Warfield explained that she initially got out of her car to help direct traffic. But then she saw a car was overturned. “I ended up holding onto her to keep her in place because I wasn’t sure of her injuries at the time. It was also important that I keep her calm,” Warfield added. “It was a pretty traumatic event.”

Shortly after paramedics arrived to take over, Warfield, who had been on desk duty during her pregnancy, decided she should go to the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore to get herself checked out. The accident had induced labor and, unbeknownst to Warfield, had knocked her unborn baby into a traverse or sideways position. When asked how she was able to get down on the ground and help. “I must’ve just been running on adrenaline.”

Warfield and her boyfriend, Joshua Daugherty, welcomed a healthy little girl named Charlotte on Oct. 4, less than 24 hours after the crash. Charlotte joined siblings Ellie, 6, and Jameson, 5. Daugherty, a paramedic, was one of the first responders on the scene. 


When it rains, it pours?

If you are young, you may not know this saying.
Or, if you live in Austria, like my great blog friend Elenor. I had replied to one of her comments ...
"when it rains, it pours", leaving her puzzled.
I later explained that we have a product called 
Morton Salt, their logo is a girl under an umbrella,  

with the tag, "when it rains it pours",  meaning their salt still pours regardless of humidity. But it came to mean a time when we are overwhelmed by problems ... work, illnesses etc. We don't hear it much anymore, even here, but I remember when it was common.
Do you remember?


A cute1+minute video, ottershere.

Just because ...
Red-capped Robin


Smiles for Sunday ...



Laker & me, 2018


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elenor said...

Thanks, Jacki, for reminding me of "When it rains, it pours". We have a saying "Ein Unglück kommt selten alleine". Meaning when problems start they usually don't come alone.
I felt so honored that you mentioned me, Jacki. How kind of you. I often think of you hoping you are fine.
I think you made this excellent collage just for me. Very minimalist and abstrakt. You know I love that.
Have a good start into the new week.

Nanci said...

Hi Jacki - I remember "when it rains, it pours" and the Morton salt girl. So true. I love reading and seeing Elenor's beautiful countryside photos, so it's nice to have a mention of her there too. That is a gorgeous photo of you and Laker, enjoying time together. I know he is missed greatly by you and your family.

jacki long said...

Thank you dear Elenor! I am glad you like that collage , it is one I particularly like, maybe it's the colors? Have a great week!

jacki long said...

Hi Nanci!
Thank you for your kind words,
I love to get feedback. ;o)

john said...

You could have a one woman show with all your fantastic pieces from this themed series. :-)

jacki long said...

Thanks John, for your kind words.