Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Day 2126: Better than sushi? Being included ...

Areva 2: old photo, collage *& digital

Want music?


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On grandma duty, GH #3, Laker and I for a week.
Not duty really, just being with GH #3, Laker for a week.

Today I got a text from GH #3 from school ...

So tonight it will be GH #2 & GH #3 and I  for sushi.


Better than sushi? Being included by a 17 & 18 year old!
Just so grateful for thoughtful & wonderful Grandhunks! 

And, I thought that was it, but GH #1 just called 
and will be joining us for sushi, Perfect!

All 3 Grandhunks, call me a happy Grandma! ♥♥♥

65 degrees, Cloudy, Santa Ana, CA


A special day at class today, for two reasons ...

Kevin, jacki, Rachel, Jim, Scott, Joanne, Jess, (Amador left early)

 Kevin and Rachel visited from Demura sensei's Indiana dojo, 
and the 84th birthday of Instructor, Jim Eyre

 Jo-ann & Jim Eyre

The Eyre's are an inspiration to us all!

A smile for Tuesday ...

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