Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Day 2120: Hey, what's your middle name?

Miss Areva Van Huss, 1915: photo, collage & digital

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My middle name is Ann, what's yours?
I haven't used mine since school, do you use yours?

When WonderWoman was born we didn't give her a middle name.
Not to be mean, but so she could keep her surname as a middle,
 if she married later. In the meantime, I think she felt slighted.
I remedied that by saying she could pick any name she wanted.
That helped and it changed several times. Convenient & fun.

I found this 100 year old photo of 
Areva Van Huss, May 5, 1918

My Mother's middle name was Areva. Unusual huh?

Wonderful to have a picture of the name that always puzzled me.
And to tell who reads my silliness, if you tell me
your middle name, I'll send you a postcard? You in?

I bet you knew I'd play with the photo of Areva? I did.

Using the above three layers, I came up with ...

Miss Areva Van Huss

I know many may prefer the original, and the nice part 
about digital work is the original is left unscathed.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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