Monday, March 26, 2018

Day 2069: What did you do today?

sample sun: acrylics, molding paste, glazes & ink

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What did you do today?
For me, after Palm Sunday at church with SM, WW,

GH#2, GH#3, GC (Grandcutie, GH#2's girlfriend) then lunch.
GH#1 was working brunch shift at Social Costa Mesa.


I came home to watch ...

the elite eight turn into the final four.
There was an unscheduled nap in there somewhere.


While sorting, I found one of my older sample boards.
I had put a blob of molding paste in the upper right corner?

sample board: acrylics, molding paste, glazes

I was ready to toss it, but it was on heavy bristol board,
and there was something about it that I liked, 
so I started scribbling ...

sample sun: acrylics, molding paste, glazes & ink

Saved from the landfill. Cover art for today,
what do you think?

Do you binge watch? Most friends do. I don't.
Until I recently discovered that the daily sumo matches ...

are shown on youtube, all 15 days of the basho (tournament).
Both in Japanese and in English by NHK, here.
There are six basho each year, the current basho in Osaka.
The next basho, will be in Tokyo, May 15 - 27, 2018.

The champion, Yokozuna Kakuryu with a 12-2 win record.

Kakuryu's proud daughter.


Years ago I watched Sumo basho's on channel 38, but it ended.
Then I subscribed to Sumo World magazine.
Back in March of 2013 I did a blog titled, I love sumo! (here)

And I am a fan.
I love everything about Sumo.
The traditions still honored.
The cleansing of the ring.
The skill and dedication.
The idea of a 15 consecutive day
basho (tournament) and the 
champion being the sumo player
with the most wins after
  15 days of competition.
And, the fact that you can't tell
by the sumo player's demeanor,
who is the winner or the defeated.
No boasting. Manners.

I love Sumo.

A smile for Monday ...

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