Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 224: I ♥ Sumo!

If you saw yesterday's blog ...
my fortune cookie said ...

well today I got a little package.
Karen, one of my very best friends in high school ...
sent me unexpected and a wonderful surprise.

With a written note ... "A smile for your day!"
And I didn't know she knew ...

and I am a true ...

For years I watched Sumo basho's on channel 38
and subscribed to Sumo World magazine.

My hero was, still is, Wakanohana.

Ryogoku, Tokyo

Somagahana Fuchiemon,
1850,an early Sumo wrestler.

I love everything about Sumo.
The tradition still honored.
The cleansing of the ring.
The skill and dedication.
The idea of a 15 consecutive day
basho (tournament) and the 
champion being the winner
of 15 days of competition.
And, the fact that you can't tell
by the sumo player's demeanor ,
which is the winner or defeated.
No boasting. Manners.
I love Sumo.

ring entering ceremony

Thank you, dear Karen!
Until I opened the mail, I didn't know ...
what today's blog would be.

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