Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Dat 2014: The Year of the Dog!

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You probably know, 2018 is the Year of the Dog!
 I was reminded by these Japanese artist's new years cards ...
there's something for almost every taste.
 I thought you might enjoy them too?


Illustrator and designer Mayo’s retro-inspired New Year’s card

Illustrator Senraku created this colorful version of a komainu, the lion-dog guardian deity  

Simple but cute. From Pompette, the creators of Nihongo Flashcard


Created by the designer Mikiji, this card folds up to resemble a minimal dog. Do you see it?


The Tokyo-based photographer Irwin Wong and his team always creates over-the-top movie-poster-inspired cards.


MUJI surprised with a lovely, minimal illustration of a dog wagging its tail


a calming and peaceful illustration from sakki

 designer/artist Yasuhiro Suzuki created this simple adorable illustration of a person diving into the whirlpool tail of a shiba


an anime-inspired nengajo, this one is from illustrator LAM


Naho Ogawa, created this howling card illustration.

If you can spare a minute, maybe tell me your favorite?
For extra credit, can you guess my favorite?
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A smile for Tuesday ...

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