Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Day 2295: Note to self: don't go to ...

Nina: ink brush drawing, watercolor, junk mail collage & digital

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In this Thursday's Mixed Media Portraits class 
(THURSDAYS, NOVEMBER 1, 8, 15 &  29, 2018  10AM - 1PM)
we will be doing some fun exercises. a canvas, and 
at the students request, some postcards with faces.
So I am working on some faces ...

Started with an ink brush drawing, then watercolor & gesso.

I combined it with an earlier acrylic collage ...

playing with layers and opacities in Photoshop ...

Again, feedback requested if you have time.
I so appreciate your comments.

Note to self: 

... don't go to Costco on election day again, ever.

It was on my to do list for today, after voting, and 
evidently half of Orange County had the same list? 
It took 25 minutes to get a parking space.
I almost had one earlier, even had my turn signal on, 
but as the car backed out, a little white car with 
an elderly couple zipped in. They didn't see me.
That's okay, I may do that when I get elderly. 

I asked the guy at the door, "why are there so many today?"
He said he thought "a lot of people took the day off to vote."
First world problems on a beautiful day in SoCal.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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