Monday, March 12, 2018

Day 2055: Done with one, off to the next ...

pensive: ink, acrylic, collage & digital

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Done with one, off to the next ...
this cryptic message refers to journals.
Back in June of 2015,  I received a great gift, seen here.
A luxurious Iona handmade journal!

A wonderful video showing the story and process 
of the exquisite Iona journals can be seen here.

Such a high quality journal, I really didn't feel worthy.
September 2017,  I finally started in, deciding to enjoy it now.
Do you do that? Save it for special? Maybe it's time?

Today I finished the last page, and am ready to start another.

I honestly don't know when or where I bought this, 
but I have had it, or hoarded it,  for a very long time.

Made with fly sheets in between each sheet of the heavy paper,
at 7 x 14", originally made as a photo album,
but even way back then, I knew I had other plans.
And now it's time.

Today's step-by-step, two step:
I digitally combined my 2 journal pages to produce the art at top.

junk mail collage
mixed media, collage, acrylic & ink

I work on an ancient 2006 Mac Pro with Photoshop CS3, 
version 10. 0. 1 ... so old & slow, all of us!

A smile for Monday ...

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