Sunday, June 7, 2015

Day 1046: Blown away by a surprise gift!

"76", just papers, collage postcard

I drove past my front door, and saw a package!
A quick mental inventory and I knew I hadn't ordered anything?
I picked it up and put it inside to open later when I got home.
Restraint is not my strong-point, but I was late.

I was on my way to Grandhunk #3 graduation, so it had to wait.

Graduation was wonderful & family photo time after. 
Amazingly I only teared up, no blubbering this time.
The graduates boarded a bus to their party ...
and I came home to open the mystery package.

What a treat! Beautifully wrapped & packaged ...

I sometimes send students cool or inspiring videos.
A wonderful video showing the story and process of the 
exquisite Iona journals was one, and can be seen here
But honestly, I wasn't hinting. Honest!

I really considered it too good for me, 
so imagine my thrill of being gifted!

I asked if I could mention this in my blog, 
and she said of course, but just say it's from a student.

I have honored her wishes, but ...
there's going to be a lot of people who recognize 
this fine artist with the big, kind heart and talent!
Thank you dear one!

A smile for Sunday ...

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