Friday, March 30, 2018

Day 2073: Not really sad, just missing.

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Tonight I am melancholy. Not really sad, just missing.
On my drive home today's song, above, played on the radio.
The same song that played the day I lost my best friend.
That was in 1987 and it still evokes strong memories.
Maybe it's an age thing, but it seems like 
tear are much nearer to the surface than before.
I'm talking about my Great Dane, Shogun.

3 month old Shogun, 4 year old WonderWoman

We got Shogun as a 12 pound puppy, he grew to 165 pound giant.
Did you know Danes grow a pound a day? Ours did.
Vets were always amazed, saying he was a really big Dane.

Shogun and his ball

Danes are big gentle giants, except during their puppy stage.
For one year, something got destroyed, daily.
One was pulling out a newly planted 7' tree, 
and running around the yard with 3 feet of tree 
hanging out both sides of his mouth! 
One side would bump into something and 
he would backup, laughing, and try again. 
Really hilarious to watch, except 
to WonderWoman's Dad who had planted the tree.

The second year Shogun settled down into adulthood.
Danes are so special in every way, the downside
is that we don't get to keep them long enough. 
The massive body on slender legs, prevents longevity.

10 years went way too fast.
31 years later, and still missing.

A smile for Friday ...

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