Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Day 2071: Whenever I see your smiling face ...

marks:  acrylic, collage & digital

Want music?


Click here for James Taylor, Smiling face.
then click back on this blog tab or here to listen as you browse, or not?

Do you listen to my music? I've thought about eliminating it, 
but then I'll get an e-mail or comment liking  it? 
 Anyway, I heard today's choice on the way home today
and thought it was just perfect. 

"Whenever I see your smiling face, 
I have to smile myself, because I love you."

Today was finally our mother-daughter get together 
to celebrate Carole's December birthday.
Yes, the time just got away from us. We have a remedy.
From now on we will celebrate both Mom's December birthdays
together in December, only took us 40 years to figure this out!
But today was for Carole.

Both Moms got the tonkatsu lunch, the youngins' other.
Cheryl got the tempura lunch with udon.
WW got the chicken & soba lunch, which I will have next time.

We arrived with the line in front of Tanaka-ya at 11:30 ...
the girls left at 1:30 with appointments.
The Mom's stayed and literally closed the place @ 2:45.
Never enough time with good friends.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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