Saturday, March 24, 2018

Day 2067: ... keeping all my appendages crossed hoping ...

Thomas Guide girl: very quick acrylic drawing & collage on a TG page

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A week away from the Mixed Media Faces class 
at ASW/Catalyst, in Westminster, CA.
So along with a white load of laundry in, I played a bit ...

quick dried brush & ink drawing

It's a Saturday class, 10-4, next week, March 31st  ...
but somehow I didn't realize the next day was Easter!
Until artist/friend Ann wrote :
"Will try to show up for your class.  
Depends on how much prep work I get done for Easter dinner."
I replied:
Yikes, I'll keep all my appendages crossed hoping to see to there, 
it's guaranteed more fun if you're there!
And, may I suggest McDonald's for Easter, I think they're open! 


In case you've got Easter covered ...
& are nearby & want to have fun ...

My plans for this class is to 
* do roughly 50 faces of different sizes, working quick & relaxed. 
* I will show a quick method to sketch a face, from life or a photo.
Working in different mediums, techniques, sizes & ending up with many faces, a booklet, asst substrates & at least one finished canvas
Six hours with a lunch break, all supplies are provided. 
Bring some faces to work from if you want? (Info here)

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Experimenting with mark-making and materials galore.
Does this look like fun? More fun than boiling eggs?

A smile for Saturday ...

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