Friday, March 16, 2018

Day 2059: Life is good!

♥: teabag, collage & machine stitching.

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Click here for Maze, Golden time of day.
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A gorgeous SoCal day, no promised rain but look!
When I was a little girl, about 100 years ago,
when I would see lines in the sky ...
I thought it was God writing on his blackboard. ♥


One of her best birthday gifts ever ... my daughters,
40 years "Best Friends Forever!"

WonderWoman's days around her birthday fill up fast!
So I asked for Monday to take her to breakfast & a pedicure.
Thinking that would be it till church on Sunday, I settled in.
But, I got a text Thursday morning saying ...
"I'd like to spend part of my birthday with my Mom"
(picture my heart melting?) 

So Friday, March 16, 2018 
WW will pick me up at noon and we will head over 
to Ivy's Cottage for a chicken walnut salad. 
Before she & Superman fly into LA for the Laker game.

Life is good!

A smile for Friday ...

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