Friday, March 2, 2018

Day 2045: Born in 1928, brought home in a laundry basket during a blizzard.

rider: graphite, acrylic, collage & digital

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Born in 1928, brought home in a laundry basket 
during a blizzard. "It accounts for a lot," said the artist ...

I've been a fan since 2013 when I stayed with cousins 
Sheryl, David, Masin & Lucy in Indianapolis.

from the Mr. & Mrs. Cassis collection

In almost every room of their lovely home 
was a huge canvas by artist, Lois Main Templeton. 
It turns out that Lois was one of David's first clients,
in his outstanding design business,

“Just watch out for the cow pies.” from the Mr. & Mrs. Cassis collection

I promptly ordered her book, 
The Studio Book: Finding your way.

In 2008, she collaborated with studio mate and fellow artist 
Phil O’Maley to publish “Who Makes the Sun Rise?”—
a children’s picture book that features Lois’s art. 

Sheryl just let me know they are having a Retrospective 
on Lois Templeton for her 90th birthday, and that they have

staff busy installing the Cassis loaned artworks to get ready for the opening
loaned the two above paintings for the exhibition.

Lois Main Templeton: A Reinvented Life 

A retrospective of original paintings from the 1980s to present
at NiSource Gallery, Indiana State Museum. March 10 – August 5,

 Lois’s pioneering spirit extended beyond her studio walls, 
the local art scene, and even the field of painting. 
A passionate writer, Lois has a unique style of journaling 
that reveals the routine and psyche of a working artist. 

She integrates words onto her canvases, blending 
two forms of creative expression in her own unique way.

© 2014 by Studio of Lois Main Templeton

 For 40 years, Lois has contributed to the city of Indianapolis 
and the state of Indiana as a painter, teacher and 
a cultural pioneer with a force-of-nature attitude 
and the gumption to bring her ideas to life. 
As she celebrates her 90th year, Lois continues 
to paint and write with vigor and purpose.

Thank you Lois Main Templeton for your work & inspiration.

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A wonderful 2 minute video with Lois Main Templeton: here.

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