Monday, July 24, 2017

Day 1824: Rain Delay ...

Lillian, ink, watercolor & junk mail collage

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It's not like at home in SoCal, 
where our weather forecasts are pretty much the same.
Here in Indiana the weather can change, a lot, and all in one day.
My cousins have weather apps on their phones and can see ...
and measure the potential storm distance.

We 35 woke to rain, which rain delayed 
the planned water sports for a while.

We had a hearty breakfast.
( I cooked bacon, Cousin John made his famous pancakes etc.) 

Everyone settled in to wait out the rain in their own way.

A movie, or not, a newspaper or not ... fun togetherness.

Family pictures was the goal when the rain stopped ...
but getting 35 into groups is like herding cats?

Gradually we got there ...

18 cousins age 3 - 18 ...

7 cousins, offspring of 4 cousins...

7 cousins & 4 spouses & missing 3 spouses at work.

3 sisters & matriarchs, Martha, Nancy & Donna

Cousin Nancy's Florida clan, missing Jordan & Sean.

Cousin Martha's Indiana clan.

Cousin Donna's clan, missing David.

CA clan, missing Bassel, Jordan, Jake & Zack.

Lunch time!
One of my favorite things is the interaction &
blending of families ,,,

Just because you see a little cutie on a man's shoulders ...
it may well be an uncle or cousin!

Great weather and even more fun!

Cousin fun!

Fun fun!

and a 3 year old jump!

Finishing Sunday afternoon with a boat ride on Lake Shafer.
Thanks again to cousins Martha & John Rockey 
for opening their idyllic home & loving hearts 
to again make all of this possible for our lucky family.

A smile for Monday ...

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