Saturday, May 27, 2017

Day 1766: Gotta red Nose?

Miss Jane Kindness Anderson, 1890, collages, old photo & digital

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Julia Roberts joined Bear Grylls for a special Red Nose Day episode of Running Wild where the duo making their way through the rugged wilderness of Kenya, taking vaccine to the children.

Youtube video:

I did donate, but wanted to get into the red nose thing!
I wish I had thought to do it earlier ...
but a day late is better than not at all?
Friday morning I went and bought red noses at Walgreen's.
The $1. noses are on sale till June 3rd!

So, a day late & all day ... I asked people 
to put on a red nose & let me take their picture.
It's funny but people seemed to think there was a catch?
I assured them the nose was free & theirs to keep.
These are my red nose friends.

I originally thought I would buy a few & share, but eeeuuww!
So I bought a bunch & gave as a gift or a bribe.

And just in case they or you want to donate, go here

I bought a bagful of 30 & have 8 left to bother future victims.
A worthwhile & fun day!

A smile for Saturday ...

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