Friday, May 26, 2017

Day 1765: Much more than that.

Josephine, 1902, collage, old photo & digital

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A student in my college class recently asked me 
which artist influenced me? In a nano-second, I said Corita!


Surprising to me, none of the students knew or had heard of 
Corita Kent, the former Sister Corita.

While doing advanced work at UCI, I found the same to be true.
So I featured Corita in the website design class I was taking.


In Indiana in the 60's, I was working on my bachelors & masters,
Corita was working her magic at Immaculate Heart, in LA.

Corita had a huge impact on advertising, design & the soul. 
My masters was in design. She was and is my hero. 
Over the years I have added just a few art heroes, but she is #1.
I'm hoping this little blog will help you want to know more?

I have posted earlier Corita blogs here, & here.

Short story:
In 1966, we moved from Indiana to California to teach.
In 1978 I read that Corita would be at a South Coast Plaza gallery.

She would be selling & signing her poster!
We went, bought & stood in line for signing.

When it was our turn, she smiled & I, in awe, froze.
My then husband, came to my rescue, introduced himself 
and said "this is my wife, Jacki, she is your biggest fan."
Corita smiled big & said, 
"I'm sure she is much more than that."

That was my Corita moment.

A smile for Friday ...

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